Name One Ustadz in your life

If someone asked you, who is the most influence person in your life? whom will be your answer?

Maybe your father, Maybe Steve Jobs.

If someone asked you, who is the most influence ustadz in your life?

Whom will be your answer? or do you even have one?


In my opinion, i think we should have one. One religious person that we can looked up to. Because read Rasulullah book will be less motivated than see one person that look a like him. We better have one ustadz, that we believe in him almost 100% because sometimes our fathers make mistakes and we judge him subjectively. And that make excuse for us to not trying to be better 100%. But an Ustadz, we are not really close to them, we will just see big picture of his/her life.

I have one, very Masha Allah ustadz. I know him from a book. Which is the best way to know a person, right? A book, that is written by his heart, i believe. Because his books just directly touch my heart.

When you write with your heart, it will touch the reader’s heart too indirectly, absurdly.

That line, i learn from him too, from one his writing. If i am not mistaken, he was writing his first book when he was 19. Titled Nikmatnya Pacaran Setelah Pernikahan (The Beauty of Dating After Marriage). He was writing that book as a (waiting for approval) i-am-ready-to-marry-someone proposal. And, i was reading that book when i was 14. 🙂 Found that book in the middle of my sister-in-Islam stack of books. After that day, i was ready to be married, in young age. >.<. Indeed it is a very big changing in my life. I was 14 at that time, n already feel ready about marriage. Wasn’t i?

He is Ustadz Salim Akhukum Fillah (no idea who his real name is). From what i remember, he was graduated from ordinary public high school in Jogja. Which is i adore so much, its like remind to think no need a great Islamic boarding to make ur self have good knowledge in Islam.

Still with that one book, i remember it until now. 5 years n i dont forget. After 5 years i still stirred by its impact.

He is the one (that i know) who bring non-fictional islamic book readable for youth. He has this poetical rhyme that i keep hear whenever i read his book. He whispers a sentence in a very soft way. Even it is a non-fiction book, there is an art in it. Make any heart warm, or more likely sad, because his whisper just touch our heart. Its like he is our father, that give a super-important advice to his daughter.

His second book that i read when i was 16, is magically memorable. The title is Agar Bidadari Cemburu Padamu (Till an Angel Jealous for You). If i was ready to have an early marriage two years earlier, at that time, i was ready to become a young mother.

He always have that touch, a fatherly touch that i tell you before. i believe that because he always use his heart whenever he writes. A touch that will remind you how big Allah’s love is. An advice how grateful you should be. Ah, now i already want to cry again, i miss his books. Lately, i keep drowning in classic literature books. Hope, my mom soon will bought for me some of his works again.

Uh, gladly he has twitter now–> @salimafillah ; and his tweet sometimes enough to make me have a twisty smile, its like his advice tingle my heart. Ah, he is so goooooooood. The best part (as long as i can remember) he always being so calm, even in taking on a rejection or dissent. He is the one that remind me to not use bad words and not arguing stuffs. He is  the one who keep remind me, no matter how bad i am, there will just a way to back to Allah. And two years ago, he is just assuring me about faith. If Habiburrahman El-Shirazy in Ayat-Ayat Cinta said that faith is in the edge of human’s work. Ustadz Salim said “you jump from one faith to another faith, also with the other faith”. And i feel it more reliable. Oh ya, he is also very scientific, i suppose. I still remember, how fascinating i was when i was reading one of his books and found article about Freud and National Geographic!

Ah, lets stop describing how i admire him that much. And, lets sum it up. I think we (you n i) need more Ustadz like him. One person that can mix sientific and religious pattern in very artsy way, with sincere intention.

Dear Ustadz Salim Akhukum Fillah,

Jazakillah Khairan Katsir.

PS: This post made without google.

PSS: I dont do edit much for this post. So please try to understand my English ya? or maybe some words just un-connected. I just want to make this post so bad. :O


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