White Wall in My Tea


Indeed morning wake us up

to live, stand and greet God

murmured gratitude

for one night death that just been passed

grieving obstacles

outside the door keening for us


Clouds are waiting

our eyes to paint it

dark blue or shady pink

wishing it far from rainy cheek

though longing for any rainbow

come down to cheer other breathing skins


Whilst air sithe and water whistling

we breathe, we sip


neglect the light

jump out from couchette

start roosting and struggling

to be more human


Though the wall whisper sloth

let your tea swig it



Love Can Worry You easily



When thunders on with heavy rain fall

Wind thrust without its breeze

An empty side of this sofa

Calling for warm and peace


Of heart that is made from scratch

mind and ego are not match

Undergo yearns throughout compassions

love always suffers as much as love sparkles


Weary for love is indeed delicacy

Waiting for knock on door, Staring at the phone

Loud heart beat that always singing

Hoping and praying for ‘Okay’ is always around










Cooking 101: especially for students and every man who tight on budget.


When i try to write my first (sort of) recipe, it feels so weird because its so far from usual recipe guide that you will read somewhere else. So then i think its better for me to write basic idea about my style of cooking first. As person who already cook for my family since senior high, i am confident enough about my understanding in cooking ‘fast food’. Plus i have three years experience livin outside my home country both in Malaysia and Germany, so i got both knowledge in cooking Asian fast food and European one. I must admit, cooking European food is so much healthier and somehow cheaper.  I thought living in europe would be super expensive, but infact it all seems just in the same rate like livin in South East Asia, you even get better quality here. But there is also possibility that its just my tought for seeing price without too much zero (1 euro = around 16000 rupiah!!!) Overall cooking anywhere you live could save more money! Plus if you are Muslim and really taking care for what you are eating, its so hard to find good halal restaurant other than Turkish or Arabisch restaurant. So cooking is the only solution to get fancy food without worry about budget and anything!

but then i found the best Chinese Halal Restaurant in Paris; Dragon Wok!!!

but then i found the best Chinese Halal Restaurant in Paris; Dragon Wok!!!


on this 101 session, lets first talk about the ingredients!!!


On Stocking the Staples

Here are the list that i believe everyone should have on their  grocery list:

-all purpose flour (you can bake cake, make pasta, pizza, pancake and bread from this flour! just  buy special type of flour if you have special occasion! you always can transform this flour into anything you want by playing with baking powder, baking soda or yeast)

-oil : buy two kind of oil, standard (canola, rapeseed or sunflower) oil  and olive oil (the price must be slightly different which you will olive oil more for salad or baking, so for saving you can use that standard oil for frying or pan fried stuff)

-eggs : buy middle cheap one (thats my trick!!!)

-any type of pasta

-any type of rice (i usually buy both bashmati and risotto rice)



-unsalted butter, lots of it

-sour cream


On Choosing Veggies, Protein and Cheese.

You know that i am not healthy kind of person. So i will always suggest you to have frozen veggie or canned veggie in your weekly shopping list. It is indeed has more variety and so cheap! Canned tomato and  canned beans are so important! But i also always suggest you to have carrot and potato on your fridge for making veggie stock as well as soup.

For protein, i always have everything on my freezer because i am hardcore carnivore. Fish, chicken (both chicken breast and legs), meat (mostly ground beef and goulash cutting beef) and halal sausage. I just cant stand to eat the same kind of protein everyday hehehe. Oh ya from chicken legs i also always make broth out of it that i save on fridge to use it later.

I always like to try various kind of cheese, even though sometimes i cant tell the difference so i just put it inside any food that i feel right. For B the most important is Gouda sheet cheese since it is so cheap. 😀


On Spices , Herbs and Sauces

It is definitely a must ,to have fresh ground pepper and fresh ground salt. Try to find the cheapest one! But then i personally prefer dried herbs ( ya, for its price) so far i have mix italian herbs, mixed herbs, and one packed of extra rosemary. Since i am Asian, my basic herbs are also include corriander seeds, curry powder, kurkuma and cayyenne powder! I also have cinnamon powder as its important for savory dish and dessert. 1 pack of garlic, onion and shallots are also stuffs i need for everyweek. For sauces, maybe some of you are fan of Sriracha, for a die hard Indonesian like me, that kind of hot sauce does not kick my tastebuds enough. I always go to Asian store to find ABC soy sauce and ABC hot sauce for super spicy kick everytime i eat any sausage or super crispy fried chicken. nom nom nom. I am not a fan of packed salad dressing. Ah i forget, mayo and mustard, buy that!!!

all half empty!

all half empty!

On Baking Stuffs

Before you forget, always have baking soda, baking powder and yeast in your kitchen drawer. Then you can continue to buy some cocoa powder, confectioner sugar and maybe powder sugar. The rest are depends for what you will bake.


Yeah, when you first arrive in a new residency, no need to buy all the things in the same day, you always can do it slowly anytime you need it. Dont forget to always check the discount place on the supermarket around too! Who knows you can get  5 euro coffee with price of 3 euro!

So what is your tips on buying ransom for your house, guys? Or in fact you alwys prefer to eat outside??

Late Nite with Islamic Documentary (Part Ibn Battuta)


When B choosed this docu to watch in our Ramadhan weekend, i tried so hard to remember who is Ibn Battuta. That name sounds so familiar but still i cant recall any description about him on my head. I tried to googling the name, but then i calm myself down to see his story later on from the docu. It is really funny, how we are gen Y find information so easily, so then memorize something means nothing. I do really blame google for my lame brain function to memorize something (i ask B to keep thinking i have a little Alzheimer stuffs on my head for everything that i forget).

with that beard and clothes my dear friend >.<

with that beard and clothes my dear friend >.<


This video is supported by National Geographic, so no need to worry about quality of the cinematography or the plot itself. As the lead actor, Chems-Eddine Zinoune is from Marrocco, you also will savor another things that wont make you sleepy during 45 minutes documentary. 😉 LOOOL, the thing is this docu won’t make you sleep at all! The plot and backsound are beautifully in harmony to make your mind wander together with the docu.

I do learn a lot from Ibn Battuta after watch this docu. Who doesnt? He is a great example to be a youth adventurer tho, since Ibn Battuta is the greatest traveller of all time. Yeah, it is so sad for me to remember Marco Polo well but forget anything about Ibn Battuta. He is a brother who  travelled over 73,000 miles (117 500 km) and visited the equivalent of 44 modern countries! Please do note that it was in 14th century where no plane, not even car had been discovered!
The things that this great man teach us, youngsters, is not just about go outside the world! discover everything! it is also not about go find new land and conquer it! It simply teaches us to travelling with faith.

This docu doesnt bring us to 44 countries on his journey, modestly the director bring us on Battuta’s first journey that inspired those walk to 44 countries. Yeah, indeed we really should thank the inisiator of this docu, to bring us an amazing journey of the greatest traveller or all time. It is all start from a dream to see Mecca and begin from a braveness of 21 year old man to travel alone for 18 months in middle east dessert. So simple until each of us can be like him to be one of the greatest man of all time. We just need to dream and being brave.

Mecca is his first journey, however it was strange for man in his village to go to Mecca alone in such early age, he is still doing it. Not knowing this journey lied with lots of misfortune and adversity that will he remember for all his life. Spiritually, seeing Ibn Battuta’s journey to Mecca reflects me to just believe in Allah’s help. If we are longing something good, even if we are stuck in wrong deeds Allah will always come in so many different way. Faidza ‘azamta fatawakkal ‘alaa Allah, Innallaha yuhibbul mutawakkiliin. That’s what i keep seeing on this docu. That’s what Allah said on Ali Imran ayat 159: ‘…And once you have taken a decision, place your trust in Allah. Surely, Allah loves those who place their trust in Him.”

Another thought in my mind when i watch this doku is Travel more, closer to Allah even more!  Like Ibn Battuta, following his passion means just another way to praise Allah.

I have indeed—praise be to God—attained my desire in this world, which was to travel through the Earth, and I have attained this honour, which no ordinary person has attained. – Ibn Battuta exclaimed on Rihla.

Marco Polo Ibn Battuta

So hello gen Y who has this adversity live in 21st century, what are you waiting to travel more? Find your inspiration to be tougher to achieve your dream by watching Ibn Battuta story here

For me the thing that kick me to travel was when i went to Jakarta -the capital city- for a competition to represent my high school and my province. As a girl from a small city, it was a very big deal for me to see different people, culture and surroundings even just from the same country. That memories keep me believe that there is always a way to travel, we just have to want it badly and struggle more. Travel is like a pause of my life, as well as reflection and a new start. What is travelling for you?

PS: You can also read the book about his journey, title Rihla or The Voyage or The Journey. I will order it soon!!!

PSS: So far i’ve been all around Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Germany. Next week will go to Netherland. I am not planning to stop. Recent struggle are for Guinea and Thailand. Pray for me!


Late Nite with Islamic Documentary (part Ali)



On this Ramadhan, me and B try new way to learn more about Islam. Since its my first Ramadhan to fast more than 12 hours (for 19 hours exactly) we tried to find light activity to fill out the time between iftar and sahoor (other than salah and read quran). In Germany, the iftar is on 10pm and we have to finish the sahoor around 3am, not enough time to have sleep. Then, we choosed to watch documentaries or movies about Islam. We bear in our mind to choose only the good quality docu so we can learn a lot without being force to sleep at midnight. So far we already watch two docus and two and a half movie (yeah we tried to watch Malcolm which is 2 and half hour long and it was long days for both of us, so we decide to sleep first before sahoor).

Well, indeed watching movies or docu that related to Islam is really fun and inspiring deeds. I always have this urge to write about what i watch, since when i watched the movie i was thinking a lot (but then, i dont have time until now). Btw i just realized, good movie indeed has to be watched at least twice. First watch to entertain ourselves by the acting, the cinematography and how great the story is. But then we need to rewatch it since we need time to rethink, to find the reliability of the stories, to see if its relevance with the real fact or not, to find a hidden message (you never know those illuminati try to illuminate us from movies right 😛 😛 :P). Eventho, i know its hard to find time to rewatch a movie before 5 years has passed, considering movie lists that we already had after watch one. (Which reminds me, i havent watched TFIOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

So, our first movie for this Ramadhan was Ali.

nope, its not Ali and his Pa. Its Will Smith and Muhammad Ali

nope, its not Ali and his Pa. Its Will Smith and Muhammad Ali

Yeah, it is a classic. 2001 was the year for this movie to launch.Imdb rate? 6,7! But the reason to watch this movie is not because rating or whatsoever. It is simply because B is Ali’s biggest fan and he already tried to make watch it since two years ago! 😀 but  i always tried to find reasonable excuse to not watch it.  But i have no excuse this time. We want to watch enjoyable movie about Islam, and i know exactly how important Ali for American muslims. So, yeah i give up.

And man, i feel so stupid to keep refusing for watching this incredible movie. I dunno how could i have the idea that this movie will be boring. Ah i remember, i thought this movie is all about boxing. But then, i cried for all Ali’s jokes and his lowest-lif e moment. Well, just think about that now give me enough goosebumps.

Watching this movie lead me to understand the basic of Islam again. Ali is a convert muslim, a convert always could tell us more about this religion of peace other than born-muslim itself sometimes. Converts choose, converts struggles, converts learn more. But most of us (the muslim born) keep receiving for the knowledge and face less struggles (sometimes privilage to be born as a moslim make us forget to be grateful to Allah by learn more about Islam itself). Btw, B is a convert for 7 years ago and alhamdulillah there is no gap between us about knowledge of Islam, since i think i also just rediscover Islam with my concious as a teenager around 7 years ago.

It was in the 60’s when ‘Islam’ has not known for bombing the world, but it is known for nothing. I do really wondering how can Ali be a muslim and a world influencer at that era, when everything was still black and white. He is so proud being Ali rather than Casillias and the most important he told the world about that, he shout to the world for what he believes in, in the 60’s. I search for that kind of figure nowadays, and i dont find any. There are so many great muslim scholars and artist but i think none have ever shout as loud as Ali about Islam.

Other than how funny Will Smith potrayed Ali in this movie (in a very similiar way), another scene that i recalled from Ali the movie is about Ali’s quarrel with his first wife. Can you guess what is the quarrel about? it is about covering your body, women! It was on one of his match, when his wife presented there with up hair do and full make up plus bling bling tight dress. Ali win in that match, but he was not happy at all for what his wife look like. He simply compare himself to his wife (if he dressed up and colour his hair like white people), he truly just wants his wife to cover a little and being proud as black woman the way she is! With that scene, i remember that i’ve ever read somewhere about Ali gives advice to his daughter Fatima, to also cover herself. Oh ya, his second wife is baker hijaabi! (eventhough they split in the end for principles matter, but this second wife was there to accompany Ali for all his struggle after he refuse to join Vietnam War).

Oh that brings me to talk about his braveness for refusing the Army! He was the biggest thing that refuse the Army at that time, again he just bid everything that he has for what he believes is right. Oh, he indeed makes his licence fly away, his passport, his champion’s title! Gosh, if we want to see a man, Ali is a great example right. A man with a principle. So sad, we saw people with a lot of unnecessary principles nowadays.

Duh, i actually just want to write 800 words to not bored you, alas there is so much to talk about this movie. So, let me continue key! The other most favourite scene is……

If you watch the movie, you will weep on this. After restless moment against the goverment, after no boxing for years Ali has to go to Zaire (nowadays Congo, see even a country changes its name. This Ali story is so old it is should become a history!) to win his title against Michael Foreman (when you look at him, he was scarier than Ali and bigger as well!no body knew who will win!). Surprisingly, in Zaire Ali has welcomed so well that everybody keep shouting Bumaye Ali! Which is cheer for Ali to kill Foreman soon in Rumble in the Jungle (PS: greatest boxing ever before Thriller in Manila).

Well, within the song and the scene you really can feel a lot of emotion there. I think that’s the moment when Ali really belief in himself that he can win against Foreman, that’s the moment for Ali to realize he is really more than a boxer, what he is doing really have a great impact on people! So he has to keep fighting for it! And so does me, this scene inspire me to believe in myself more in low point of my life. To be as great as Ali, does not come easily. Passion is needed, so does perseverance. Tough and confidence are the items that we should have.

i catch sincerity there. i always catch one whenever i see him.

i catch sincerity there. i always catch one whenever i see him.

I never dream to be as great as Ali, but i believe one Muslim will be. Ali is fighting Parkinson for nearly three decades now, lets pray to Allah for the best of him.

Well, sun is rising now, i believe i write enough for what i remember the most about Ali the movie. You can dig a lot more about Ali from his interviews in Youtube, and those are fun to watch. I think B and I will watch HBO films: Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Fight , this one is from 2013 and from the journalist’s perspective. (After 50 years, people still makes another movie of him :O)

How well you know Muhammad Ali, fellas? What do you think of him? 🙂


PS: Float like a butterfly, Sting like a bee.


He, who savvies His God



There is line between his gaze and the mat
it lingers on air to keep in contact
the line stays and make resonance
transform shady eye to optimistic heart

what shape is his heart?
no one sure but indeed it is a good one
sincerity is on every edge
and faith diffuse all over

He who savvies his God

Savvied is the word
For recent past that turned his tables
Savvies is present
For him that never throw his word

He’s surrounded by His blessing
Given a tough journey
And great companions within
though sabr and tawakkal keep in surrounding

keen to know more is the key
of more of His Love, His Mercy
build the link far more
over the mat and verge of the eye

For more journeys are awaiting
He will savvy his God evenmore

I am Sorry, My Palestine



Broke the glass
Filled water in
Locked the mess
Found reflection within

Skipping morning
Consoling solitude
Mind wondering, wandering
A News beg for self gratitude

For a heart that tired to weep
Compare with a body never go down for sleep
One serenade for broken heart story
The other requiem for dreams of humanity

Furious whim can’t be juxtaposed with blood that shared
One dollar can’t save any kiddo life
Yet, a heart is forfeit
Drop the subject, forget the living lifes

Broken glass, scattered water
Lament for a nonchalant
Wain for powerlessness
Mind wondering, wandering, then be grateful

Screaming love cant be heard over
Praying safety remain on hold
Hugging become unexplicable

For a least trial though
I spell my tears out
I put my sorrow into words
I clarify my love

To be done on a blog
Someday you have chance to read it
You can reach me
my love, my hugs, my pray
and you feel a little bit happy
cause you know you are with me
you are with the world.