I am Sorry, My Palestine



Broke the glass
Filled water in
Locked the mess
Found reflection within

Skipping morning
Consoling solitude
Mind wondering, wandering
A News beg for self gratitude

For a heart that tired to weep
Compare with a body never go down for sleep
One serenade for broken heart story
The other requiem for dreams of humanity

Furious whim can’t be juxtaposed with blood that shared
One dollar can’t save any kiddo life
Yet, a heart is forfeit
Drop the subject, forget the living lifes

Broken glass, scattered water
Lament for a nonchalant
Wain for powerlessness
Mind wondering, wandering, then be grateful

Screaming love cant be heard over
Praying safety remain on hold
Hugging become unexplicable

For a least trial though
I spell my tears out
I put my sorrow into words
I clarify my love

To be done on a blog
Someday you have chance to read it
You can reach me
my love, my hugs, my pray
and you feel a little bit happy
cause you know you are with me
you are with the world.


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