He, who savvies His God



There is line between his gaze and the mat
it lingers on air to keep in contact
the line stays and make resonance
transform shady eye to optimistic heart

what shape is his heart?
no one sure but indeed it is a good one
sincerity is on every edge
and faith diffuse all over

He who savvies his God

Savvied is the word
For recent past that turned his tables
Savvies is present
For him that never throw his word

He’s surrounded by His blessing
Given a tough journey
And great companions within
though sabr and tawakkal keep in surrounding

keen to know more is the key
of more of His Love, His Mercy
build the link far more
over the mat and verge of the eye

For more journeys are awaiting
He will savvy his God evenmore


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