Cooking 101: especially for students and every man who tight on budget.


When i try to write my first (sort of) recipe, it feels so weird because its so far from usual recipe guide that you will read somewhere else. So then i think its better for me to write basic idea about my style of cooking first. As person who already cook for my family since senior high, i am confident enough about my understanding in cooking ‘fast food’. Plus i have three years experience livin outside my home country both in Malaysia and Germany, so i got both knowledge in cooking Asian fast food and European one. I must admit, cooking European food is so much healthier and somehow cheaper.  I thought living in europe would be super expensive, but infact it all seems just in the same rate like livin in South East Asia, you even get better quality here. But there is also possibility that its just my tought for seeing price without too much zero (1 euro = around 16000 rupiah!!!) Overall cooking anywhere you live could save more money! Plus if you are Muslim and really taking care for what you are eating, its so hard to find good halal restaurant other than Turkish or Arabisch restaurant. So cooking is the only solution to get fancy food without worry about budget and anything!

but then i found the best Chinese Halal Restaurant in Paris; Dragon Wok!!!

but then i found the best Chinese Halal Restaurant in Paris; Dragon Wok!!!


on this 101 session, lets first talk about the ingredients!!!


On Stocking the Staples

Here are the list that i believe everyone should have on their  grocery list:

-all purpose flour (you can bake cake, make pasta, pizza, pancake and bread from this flour! just  buy special type of flour if you have special occasion! you always can transform this flour into anything you want by playing with baking powder, baking soda or yeast)

-oil : buy two kind of oil, standard (canola, rapeseed or sunflower) oil  and olive oil (the price must be slightly different which you will olive oil more for salad or baking, so for saving you can use that standard oil for frying or pan fried stuff)

-eggs : buy middle cheap one (thats my trick!!!)

-any type of pasta

-any type of rice (i usually buy both bashmati and risotto rice)



-unsalted butter, lots of it

-sour cream


On Choosing Veggies, Protein and Cheese.

You know that i am not healthy kind of person. So i will always suggest you to have frozen veggie or canned veggie in your weekly shopping list. It is indeed has more variety and so cheap! Canned tomato and  canned beans are so important! But i also always suggest you to have carrot and potato on your fridge for making veggie stock as well as soup.

For protein, i always have everything on my freezer because i am hardcore carnivore. Fish, chicken (both chicken breast and legs), meat (mostly ground beef and goulash cutting beef) and halal sausage. I just cant stand to eat the same kind of protein everyday hehehe. Oh ya from chicken legs i also always make broth out of it that i save on fridge to use it later.

I always like to try various kind of cheese, even though sometimes i cant tell the difference so i just put it inside any food that i feel right. For B the most important is Gouda sheet cheese since it is so cheap. 😀


On Spices , Herbs and Sauces

It is definitely a must ,to have fresh ground pepper and fresh ground salt. Try to find the cheapest one! But then i personally prefer dried herbs ( ya, for its price) so far i have mix italian herbs, mixed herbs, and one packed of extra rosemary. Since i am Asian, my basic herbs are also include corriander seeds, curry powder, kurkuma and cayyenne powder! I also have cinnamon powder as its important for savory dish and dessert. 1 pack of garlic, onion and shallots are also stuffs i need for everyweek. For sauces, maybe some of you are fan of Sriracha, for a die hard Indonesian like me, that kind of hot sauce does not kick my tastebuds enough. I always go to Asian store to find ABC soy sauce and ABC hot sauce for super spicy kick everytime i eat any sausage or super crispy fried chicken. nom nom nom. I am not a fan of packed salad dressing. Ah i forget, mayo and mustard, buy that!!!

all half empty!

all half empty!

On Baking Stuffs

Before you forget, always have baking soda, baking powder and yeast in your kitchen drawer. Then you can continue to buy some cocoa powder, confectioner sugar and maybe powder sugar. The rest are depends for what you will bake.


Yeah, when you first arrive in a new residency, no need to buy all the things in the same day, you always can do it slowly anytime you need it. Dont forget to always check the discount place on the supermarket around too! Who knows you can get  5 euro coffee with price of 3 euro!

So what is your tips on buying ransom for your house, guys? Or in fact you alwys prefer to eat outside??


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