An Inner Revelation

An Inner Revelation


Think like a baby that looking on the wide sea


As a human, we were created as the best living thing, over this narrow world Allah bless human as His best creation. And He make total variant of a being, making human have its own greatness, and uniqueness, personally. Scientist already give a lot of approval by explaining how is our physical could work extraordinarily not like other creature. But then, have we accept ourselves as the best human being ever?

If accepting ourselves could be done by knowing what abilities that Allah already give us, have we or have we not try to find our own path to seek what is the meaning Allah create us so different than other human being. Sadly, people often get overwhelmed by their surrounding rather than giving a full gratitude for getting the best for themselves. World’s thought surpassed their idea, people then become what world wants to become, and personalities melt then reversed. An inner revelation then needed, as an effort to find the hidden treasure of our soul so we can be the best creation like He ever promised to every single human in this world.

Doubt will often come, as thought will keep giving hint that revelation is never easy and never for everyone. But in fact revelation is merely biggest shout out as a result after doing profound research in somewhat matter that we concern. In this case, our innerselves. To get rid off the doubt, inner revelation will easily come when we have control for our own mind. The ability to think clearly is the basic for controlling mind. A revelation will reveal in the neutral state of our brain. A state when we are succeeded to hide our ego and put the craving for the truth on top of its level. That state of mind will bring us easy in separating information that we get before ending up in any conclusion that form ourselves.

Even though the underlying is already mastered, a total control for our own mind still won’t be achieved. The independence of the way we think need to be honed. Here are the ideas on the way for processing an independence thought:

  • Find an ultimate source to set a boundary for right and wrong. And it should be legit for like already written and never change for 14 centuries
  • Read more to find reasonable idea or merely to get the right feeling for what you believe as right
  • Ask pupil that you believe understand the topic but never direct digest anything from their speech
  • Study the contrary
  • Hear your inner voice that believe God always bring good to humanity
  • Never let yourselves become bias

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