She saw the same dream again. This is the seventh time this week. She couldn’t ignore it anymore. With her blanket around, she went to the mirror hoping to get an answer. Her hand tried to shake the mirror, wishing the mirror will explain everything. The mirror must know if it’s real since it watched her all night.

If it’s real, the mirror must saw the thing that hugging her everynight in her sleep. She tries to remember everything, the dream was vividly beautiful she doesn’t want to miss all the exact same feeling. Her fingers stroke her left shoulder, she tries to remember the jaw that glued everything it hugs her. The other hands went to her back try to reach the same spot that it hugs. While mimicking all the hugs, she then could hear the same sob that keep repeating with the same rhythm, same tone. Everything felt so familiar yet she still canot figure out why was this thing keep hugging her in her dream.

She believed it wasn’t a human that hug her all the time, but then she still hug it back. The hug was so exhausting yet so relaxing. And everytime it hugs her too tight, she woke up with full of sweat.

“Who hugs me all nite?” She asked hopelessly, whilst shaking the mirror again.

The mirror finally answer, “me”.

She smiled back to the mirror and tried to hug it back. The mirror swung back, warned her the danger that will come if she did that. But she did it anyway, the same sob and the same beautiful feeling come alive. But when the hug became too tight, it’s too late for her to realize that her body was full of scratch and the blood already too much logged on the floor.

This story is written for #RabuMenulis, a weekly challange from @GagasMedia. They ask their follower to write a story in fifteen minutes based on the picture above. This time the theme is thriller/horror.

It’s my first #RabuMenulis posting and can’t wait to write more. I really enjoying myself when I wrote this, there are tons of delightful fuss feeling that I love to have. 🙂

English is not my first language and right now I am learning advanced German and write a novel in Bahasa. My mind is utterly bewildered by all of those different language.

Hope you still can enjoy my writing amidst everything.


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