You’ve got (no) friend


As an Indonesian, I used to not able to differ a friend and an acquaintance, like many other words in Bahasa Indonesia, every other words that you find in another language could be simplified in one word. Indeed we do have two words to explain friend, a word to explain best friend, and there is also direct meaning for acquaintance so actually the problem is not linguistically. It is in the common behaviour that Indonesian have or atleast my surrounding have to consider an acquaintance as a friend.

So, until a month ago, I thought I have too much friend, but the fact shows that I have none. Maybe one can say that I lose some, I forget a lot or I make distance to a lot of my friend. It becomes my own fault that I got no one to really talk to. I got it, totally. I fine with that.

But the fact that I write a blog post about me that is okay for having no friends is kinda show the irony. The thing is, this is a post full of apology.

I am sorry for not reaching any one of you because I don’t feel we have anything that we could talk to each other. I am sorry for not saying hello first, because I don’t know what would be the next sentence after you say hello back to me. I really apology to leave you without saying goodbye because I don’t know what should I act in front of you because I know I can’t keep this idea of us together for longer time.

And I am also sorry for those who I miss, but I don’t try to text you. I am tired to ignore you again and again after one full topic we had spend to talk to each other. I am also afraid to not text you who I adore so much, because maybe I will disturb you.

It’s really on me to blame to be not so good friend. I couldn’t differ which one to keep close and which one to keep in distant. I end up ignoring everyone. So I am sorry.

Having no one actually is better than having a person that you don’t understand at all or you don’t feel comfortable with. So for those, who are still not brave enough to make distance or saying no to your so called friend, do it now and explore the whole new journey of finding true friend.

Like the quote on the pic that open this post we should wait for someone who miss us enough until they don’t care about the wall that we build, the distance we already make, they will always come, bother us about their ideas that will spark in our head because they are right people for us.


6 thoughts on “You’ve got (no) friend

  1. friendship is two ways interaction, if you feel like creating a wall and want someone to break in, maybe you should do the same for the ones you consider precious to you πŸ™‚

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