She decides to use that power again. Totally aware with the fact that this is the last time she is able to use that power, after four times wasting it. She won’t messed up, she promises herself. She reckons all her plans that she made up last night before finally wide awake and try to search the thing.

A bizarre sunshine sneak in from the curtain beside her bed. She turns her back to the light that is now centered on the wooden floor in front of her wardrobe. She can’t stop stare at the light, since the light is her only friend for the past week. After stumble on books that scattered on every inch of her bedroom, she catches the light. Sit on it for a meanwhile and smile at the small hole on the curtain, wishing it will deliver her smile back to the sun.

The fact is, the light didn’t just come to accompany her today. It helps her to find the thing that she is looking for. The light really saves her hours of time to search the thing that is hidden under her wardrobe, after few nights ago she just throw that thing out of rage after she failed her mission.

The thing that she’s looking for is a compass. A compass that left inside her sister shoe, the day when she went missing. On the other shoe, a piece of paper was tucked in. One side was written that the paper was addressed in her name, the other side showed her the way to find back her sister in a week. And that was when her crazy week started.

She was indeed asking her mom to believe in what she got, but ofcourse it was nonsense for their parent to believe. There was no evidence of the existence of her sister at the time she reached her home. Not even in the picture, nor in her parents memory. She went crazy because she thought she is crazy. But once, she arrived at her own bedroom, she knew she is not crazy. All the things left the same there, their crazy diaries, their crazy wall painting. Her signature is still on the same place as she remember.

She then went crazy, cracking the code to figure out how to use the compass. First attempt was failed intentionally, since she just wants to figure out how the compass work. She ended up in a cornfield. She didn’t want to waste too many times in the wild, so she ran to the nearest house to find out what year and what time was she in. It was the same date, same time, but different year. She was in the 1962, if the journey was for fun, she intended to stay little but longer for each year. But she can’t, she prefers to have her sister back rather than having meticulous journey alone. And so, she tried to went back to her real time, didn’t know anything to do she just pressed the button. She ended up in another era. Four attempts was recklessly wasted just for her to go back to her real time. She went back straight to her bed, threw the compass out, cried the whole night until she came up with a strategy. It took days to believe that she got the right strategy to just use one time chance to bring her sister back to the real time.

At first, she thought there will be miracle that will add the amount of her trials to find her sister back. But then she believed it couldn’t be that way. She stocked until last night the idea of never come back show up.

The compass looks broken, after she picks it under the wardrobe. She cried again, while adjusting her position to go to the year of 1996 when her sister just born. She is facing the north and mess the compass needle toward 96 degrees and then she open the last screw behind the compass. Her eyes close and once she opens, she saw her three year old body smiling at her. She screw up again, and this time there is no turning back.


Oh, yay another #RabuMenulis! A fifteen minutes writing challange that intiated by Gagas Media. This time the theme is time travelling and we have to use compass as the the tools to time travel.

How do you think about my writing? Please be a mean reader and a grammar nazi so I can improve my English writing skill.

Thank you, fellas.


3 thoughts on “Entangled

  1. Wow. Cleverly written. Saya semacam bisa merasakan aura-aura suram dan gelap di sepanjang cerita ini. Bahkan cerita ini sama sekali bukan tentang si kakak, melainkan tentang adiknya sendiri. Mbak berhasil menulis cerita ini :hehe.
    Hm… setahu saya Mbak, cerita dalam bahasa Inggris itu ditulisnya dalam past tense, tapi mungkin juga saya salah :hehe.
    Great post!

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