Getting ready for April!

Finally I have a strategy to my post uni-wife life status.

As an overactive girl, I will be sick all the time if don’t have anything to do. It has been three weeks since I arrive and I still haven’t found a challenging activity for me. For that I got terrible headache and flu! I thought my online university study time could spare my boredom a little, but in fact it couldn’t. Because the courses are so relatable, I could finish a week courses in a day. I really feel an urge to join organisation or a club or something. But in fact there is no English book club in aachen and I haven’t found any org nearby (most of the organisation are around Berlin).

I also realize that I can’t do much in here, since my German is still very basic. My language course will start somewhen in June (I am in the waiting list!). So I have two empty months, and I spend most of my time alone since B is busy with his study and working life.

B encouraged me to go to the gym, but somehow I feel like gym isn’t my kind of sports. I told him I will search for yoga class or thai boxing class around, when I am ready to do sport 😝


Found it in new apartment. A sign for me to write more

Upon my boredom, I found these online writing projects for my ultimate boredom in April:

1. Writing 101 initiated by The Daily Post

I need this so bad, as an undisciplined  person I need to be reminded all the time to do a routine. I need an extra motivation that will make me move myself on. So the idea of having a daily email that will provide you prompts and themes are the best for me. I believe blogging daily will nurture my writing habit, I really hope I can succeed this time.

WRITING 101 will start on 6th April.  The great thing is this project is not only  provide theme and prompts daily but there is also community site where participants are able to share and connect with each other. Daily Post staff and Happiness Engineers will also be on hand in the comments to answer your questions and offer guidance and resources.

If you are interested to join you can register here.

This project will oblige me to write poetry every day in April. YAY me! Yay National Poetry Writing Month!

I think two years ago, my blog turned into a poetry blog for some months because I was in a confusing state of love. Was it three years ago? Hm… I post poetry everytime I blog (which was so rare but still more often than I used to post). Since then, poetry become my escape goat, if I am too lazy to write I push my self to write a poetry. Whether the poetry is finished or not, it doesn’t really matter. I also use poetry to trigger inspiration, before I continue to write my (unfinished) novel. For that the poetry should be finished, so I got the nice feeling of finishing something.

Check their website for more info.

3. Applying to become contributor for

Yeah, being married doesn’t stop me to embrace my girly side. I am not even 21, I don’t have kids yet, so I guess people still could look at me as something that could represent a girl. Some kids that I met on the street even thought that I am the new student in their school. They thought I am 14 😱. So there is this cool muslimah website, (for me it’s like Rookie but talking about muslim girl life) that I can really relate to some of the article, so my thought was I can be contributor in this website.

I feel like there is not much representative from South East Asian muslim girls (most are American) in that website, I feel an urge to tell my story for living in two big muslim countries. Plus, right now I become the minority in Germany, so I have stories to be majority muslim and minority muslim. 🙂 One of the qualification is to have a good grammar, I am kinda worry about that. But then, let’s just try!

I will send them my resume tomorrow. Let’s see how it turns out!?!

4. Editing my novel and start another one with support of Camp NANOWRIMO.

Only IF I could finish my first novel project, before April begins. Four more days, nine more pages.


Those are projects that I believe will do so much good for my writing skill, turn me to become productive and hopefully disciplined myself.

Ofcourse other than those projects I still have to study German everyday via duolingo, make easy cute DIY for my new apartment, finish some books and go out in the sun.

I still dunno what to treat myself if this project finished perfectly. Do you have some ideas?

What is your online projects for April? Tell me, maybe I will join them too!



14 thoughts on “Getting ready for April!

  1. aiih sepertinya sibuk sekali ya, jadi malu krn aku gak sesibuk dirimu,kegiatannya ya klo gak masak paling cuman ikut sekolah bahasa italia nih,hehe
    btw aku juga awal2 tinggal disini seringnya dikira msh 18 tahun *berasa muda deh*
    oh ya kayaknya msh pengantin baru ya? *maaf klo saya sok tau* hehe, klo lagi bosen dirmh boleh di coba masak coba2 resep baru 😉

    • Bahasa Italia 😍😍😍 mauuu. Ga bisa saya ga sibuk mba 😂.

      Masak jadi pelarian banget ya, saya setiap hari masak masakan baru hihihihi ntar mau posting ah.

      Iya mba masih pengantin baru, 3 bulanan gitu deh 😍😍.

      • wah penggemar masakan italia ya,waduh aku gak bisa masak makanan italian,aku gak suka :-p,masaknya cuma masakan indonesia aja,itupun baru belajar masak sejak pindah kesini jadinya msh coba2,klo ada resep pengen di coba gitu *kalo gak males sih* 😀

  2. Wow, that’s very cool. Sepertiya bulan ini akan sangat sibuk karena banyak kegiatan ya, Mbak. Semangat, semoga semua bisa selesai :)).
    Saya mau dong baca novelnya kalau sudah terbit :)).

  3. Hallo, Mba Azmi. Mba yg salah satu admin YouthCare itu kan? 🙂 Ah mba, so you join writing101. I think I’m going to join as well. The first Blogging-u course that I joined was Writing201-longform in December 😀

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