Apps to live with

I spend half of my day googling on cool apps.

The keywords that I am using are:

And after downloading some and delete some, I finally found the ultimate apps that I should have. The list would be even longer if I didn’t burn my iPhone (there are so many cooler free apps that IPhone provide 😣). I also found some apps that can link you to do some charity (good deeds in one click!), but again you can only got it in Apple store.

Well, here are the must to have apps in my version. All of them are free and android friendly.


1. Evernote

I was a fan of notebook. But, after years with them and I find my self very consuming lately. I finished one note book in two months!

After I have my Sony Xperia Z3, I got addicted to my phone. This phone is really handy, sleek and totally comfortable to hold for long time. I actually didn’t intend to download any notebook app, but then I keep find this app suggested in some sites. There are another notebook apps, Gmail even provide Keep as an official app to be the notebook app. But I think Evernote is the best. Like Keep, the notes areΒ  synchronised to our email plus they are also provide a space to do work chat. The feature that I love the most is notebook and tags. Usually in the other app they just provide user to make posts, but in Evernote user can differenciate each post by put them in different notebook, user also can use tag. So it’s easier to search the post that we want to see.

2. Dinner Spinner

If you consider yourself a cook, this is a must app for you to have. Rather than googling on the recipe that you already think of, Dinner Spinner provide the recipe ideas for you. You just have to type the ingredients that you have, or you can just tell them the main idea of yours and see tons of recipe that they will provide.

The recipes are provided by which is my favourite food website, because they provide homemade recipe that everyone can do. You can also save your favourite recipes and write down your grocery list there.

So so good.

3. Merriam-Webster
I can’t find Thesaurus in Google play and Merriam-Webster is one of the best English dictionary app on Google play.
There too many English words that I still have to know the precise meaning and how to use it well. Everytime I read, it really annoys me if I have to open a real dictionary to understand the meaning. So this mobile dictionary helps a lot. Now I am also not afraid to use new words on my writing. 😍

4. WordPress mobile

Not until I download this app I have an urge to blogging again. I think this app helps a lot to stop me from procrastinate while blogging. Somehow I could focus on my writing whenever I want. This app deduct my doubt in blogging, I am no longer think about how many words should I use, was that a good opening sentence, lalalala. Because I write in a very limited space, I didn’t really do much editing and rethinking. But thats the point, blogging helps to just write, write and write.

Plus, I am able to got spoon from my sleeping hubby while I write my post. 😳

5. Period Tracker

Well, this app is especially for woman. I think it’s important to know your period cycle to figure out the healthiness of your reproduction organ, with this app we don’t have to humming a lot in the the doctor whenever the doctor ask how is your period cycle. This app also show the fertile time and ovulation, although they don’t say it’s gonna be 100% accurate since the fertile cycle should be based on 6 months period cycle.


Yep, that’s my top 5 new apps other than duolingo, social media and photo editing apps. I actually searching for a game to download that doesn’t make you addicted but enough to fill your boredom. I downloaded The Sims yesterday, I have a feeling I will delete it soon. 😝 do you have any recommended game for me?

What is your favorite apps? Enlightened me, please.


12 thoughts on “Apps to live with

  1. Too bad I am not a gamer, Mbak, so I cannot recommend one for you. My favorite apps are WordPress, Instagram, Twitter, and Chrome browser (is Chrome counted as an app? :D) I am interested with Evernote, it seems very useful and handy. Also.. Merriam Webster.

  2. I am not a fan of game so I don’t think I could give some suggestions for you :hehe. I’m sorry.
    But for the apps, I also use WP for Android, too. It;s really convenient, since I can do blogwalking anywhere at almost anytime :hehe. I think I should check Evernote too–I’m now bad at keeping notes! :haha. Thank you for the recommendations!

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