My March as a Foodie

Inspired by Janice in The Simple Beginner, I decided to post my March favourites.

I tried to publish a post before, but the content wasn’t uploaded. It wasn’t even saved. (noob problem) 😭 so you will see lots of pictures in this post, less words.

As a foodie, I feel like I haven’t show my true self (who is constantly hungry and love food too much) in this blog. So here is a post to show them all. I pick food as the main (and only) theme for my March Favourites.

PS: I made these food all by my self (#proudwife)


As a pure German, my husband needs to see bread, cheese and butter on our breakfast table everyday. Gladly Germany provide various kind of bread and cheese to make sure that the citizen will not bored because of being to addicted of bread and cheese (and potato and beer).

My favourite bread is Abend BrΓΆtchen and B’s favourite is every kind of bread. My favourite cheese is mozzarella and B’s favourite is anything as long as it’s a lot.

Well here are two of my favourite breakfast (that I took photo of) in March.


Smoked salmon with fresh tomato, DΓ€nischer Gurkensalat and scrambled egg.


Nutella pancake with banana, raisin and honey.


Actually we don’t eat so much lunch, because we are too busy to study in March. So sometimes I just grab a sandwich to go or make simple pasta.


Fussili with mushrooms and sausage


Tomato Mozzarella sandwich.


I am crazy in cooking dinner, I tried so hard to not cook the same dinner in a month.


Homemade Burger


Roasted Turmeric chicken with sautΓ©ed Eggplant and Potato


Spaghetti with pesto, fresh tomato and crispy pesto chicken


Cordon Bleu with creamy mix veggie and potato


Rendang beef with Indonesian yellow rice


Roasted Chicken and potato with thyme, rosemary and lemon


Soy sauce Beef with roasted almond and potato


I made two super delicious apple pie, but it was too Delicious till I can’t spare any moment to take its pictures.


Cinnamon rose (failed cinnamon rolls)


Brownie pie with Nutella-cream cheese mousse.


Oh my, I become so hungry after posting those pics.

So guys how was your food journey last month?

Do you have any suggestions to improve the way I took picture of my food?

Let me know if you need recipes for those food! πŸ˜‰


17 thoughts on “My March as a Foodie

  1. Maret lalu nyaris nggak mencoba resep baru, Mbak πŸ˜€ paling cireng..haha
    your pictures are good, maybe experienced foodbloggers can give you some advices.

  2. They all look so yummy :hehe. I’m curious with the Nu*tella pancake–since Nutella use to be boomed in Indonesia :)). The brownie pie looks delicious, too. Ah you are so smart in cooking :)).

  3. aw aw,,makanannya enak semua, saya pribadi jarang loh masak makanan western gitu, secara jg gak ahli2 banget masaknya,jadi masaknya indonesia banget,ya nasi trus goreng ayam,tumis bayam,nasi goreng, itu2 aja,dan aneh suami santai2 gk komplain,malah jadi suka masakan indonesia. btw resep2nya boleh loh di share buat contekan saya kalo lagi rajin pengen nyoba juga πŸ™‚

    • Hihihihi makasih mba, padahal belum nyobain udah dipuji enak

      Masakan western justru lebih gampang dari masakan indo yang bumbunya ribet loh mba πŸ˜‰ ntar aku posting ya😁

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