Love Advices

It is not about how we live
But it’s about how we enjoy it
He said

Smile is important
Cause happiness make us stronger
He tells

We need to cherish the moment
Look for the better
Advice each other
Be patient, I said

He adds
I smile

But, you have to believe and trust
I will be your guard

I ask
He whispers

While I suppose to post my 6th poetry in day 6, here I am try to post my day 4th submission. The prompt was loveless love poetry. I have to make a poetry about love, without using the word love and avoid flowery and rainbowy scene. I made a lot of this actually. So my take on this prompt is love advices that we make throughout our 3 years conscious coupling. Hope you like it.

What is your advice for newlywed like me?


9 thoughts on “Love Advices

  1. Patience,love,honesty,lil bit of space,lots of respect to each other n respective families,patience,lots of patience and openness i suppose…

  2. Puisi yang bagus! Malah, cinta tanpa kata cinta itu menurut saya justru merupakan cinta yang konkret, realistis, dan aplikatif. Cinta sehari-hari yang sejati. Tak perlulah kata berbunga, karena kita tak hidup dalam dunia di mana udara adalah bunga kata, namun kita hidup dalam dunia sehari-hari di mana semua adalah nyata. Bravo!

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