It’s Complicated

I don’t want to admit that we are in relationship
I know how depend I am on you
But us isn’t something that should be valued

I love you
And I hate to admit that
I hate you –
I wish I could say that

Stop giving your monthly temptation
This lipstick new shade
That countryside I never visit
The weird molecular gastronomic food that I should taste
Stop it –

Win-Win solution

I get more of you
You –
Stop tempt me for unimportant stuff
Introduce me for more charity

Let’s befriended each other
Shall we, money?

Finally I can keep up with NAPOWRIMO DAY 7. YAYYY MEEE! Today prompt is money,money,money.

I wrote this poetry only in 10 mins and as always I never edit my poetry. I don’t know why I come so fast writing this. Well, I still have to write one more post for writing 101 before I finish all my blogwork. Woops woops. Gotta cook dinner first.

Btw, how is your relationship with money?


12 thoughts on “It’s Complicated

  1. Masih berusaha ngekep dompet buat bisa menabung untuk traveling bulan depan, Mbak. Tapi secara umum, intinya saya mencoba bersahabat dengannya :hehe :peace.
    Harus diakui uang itu seperti api ya Mbak. Kadang menghangatkan… tapi bisa juga membakar :hehe.

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