Mecca, The Magical City

If you could zoom through space in the speed of light, what place would you go to right now?

A city that literally never stop praying. Source

When I read the prompt for Writing 101 day 2, I can’t think about one particular place to go. As twentysomething, I want to go everywhere around the world. Getting to know various cultures, step on many kind of grounds, have relationships with people. That’s my ultimate dream. I want to zoom the earth just like when I play with a globe, I touch a city and feel the vibe of getting there.

I keep asking myself. Is it London? But I never be there, and why would I undergo London, to see how beautiful people commute? NAH. Is it Broadway? So I can get to watch free musical over and over. Nope, those reasons are not strong enough to explain what place is that I’m longing for. And it is definitely not my current bedroom, eventhough it has beautiful series of pines as the scenery, I am not loving it yet.

Then I asked my husband, explained him what the prompt is, because most of the time, he knows me better than I do. And this time, he reminded me for something important (like always). He said “Of course, it’s Mecca hun”. That’s all, that’s it, that’s the answer. I am a little ashamed of myself, because my longing of worldly places make me forget the righteous one.

I never been there, but next year inshaallah If God’s will, my husband and I will go there to perform pilgrimage or Hajj. We are there to fulfill our duty to complete the fifth pillar of Islam, along with hope that we can be a better person after perform it.

Mecca is magical, at least for me and billions other people who had been there and longing to be there. As Indonesian Muslim who get enough Islamic education, I heard story about Mecca a lot. Before I knew that Cinderella exist, I know Khadijah (the love of Prophet Muhammad) is the true queen and she is from Mecca. I know the direction to Mecca from my very own room since I have to face it five times a day, every day. I learned about the city’s history more than I learn about my country’s. That’s how I attached to Mecca.

I can imagine myself strolling over Masjid al-Haram and see the army of Abrahah with their elephants destroy all the idols around Kaaba in 6th century. Zamzam Well gonna bedazzles me so much, since it is the well from thousands of BC. Wherever I walk around, I feel like living the life of Prophet Muhammad, knowing that He was born and raised in this very city walking, eating, chatting and got revelation. It empowers me so much, because I know whatever he did as great human being was mostly happen in this very city. And when I get a chance to make tawaf (the circumambulation seven times around the Kaaba in a counterclockwise direction), I can see myself crying happily, feeling safe that I am one step closer to be in heaven. I feel relieved, because I see my gate to heaven, I feel loved because I know my God is there to welcome me, guide me, teach me, remind me to be a better person in this world and in the hereafter.

B puts the closure about this feeling by saying “It’s like when you miss someone so much, you pray for Him five times a day for years and then you get chance to met him.”

Just by remember and writing about the city already give me the positive spiritual energy to live my life better. Thank you The Daily Post for this prompt that make me thinking clearly and have a piece zone within myself.


11 thoughts on “Mecca, The Magical City

  1. “I know the direction to Mecca from my very own room”
    I like this sentence, remind me how much closer Allah is with us than our own parents. We could communicate with Allah from every where and Kaabah is truly The most magnificent destination in this world.

    Semoga kita semua diberi kesempatan untuk mendapatkan keberkahan beribadah di Masjidil Haram.. Aaamiiin…

  2. Subhanalloh…selamat ya semoga lancar perjalanan hajinya, titip doa biar aku bisa segera menyusul menunaikan rukun islam yg kelima ituu 😥 Same as me, lately I have always thrilled whenever reading or seeing news about this pilgrimage.

  3. meleleh baca tulisan ini #snif. btw azmi bisa share ya nanti kesananya gimana, pernah lihat tour tapi tetep kumpulin banyak informasi siapa tahu ada yang pakai cara lain

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