Ode for (so called) Adult

Better be a grown up!
Majestically free for a person to
Do everything, anything,
Nothing is wrong and boundaries are
Failure for the righteous one
Is diminished and shoved back
For a delusion

Bitter sweet reality is covered
By the lack of bravery
For being a coward
Wins and loser never lose
A fact that lie is the new marketing
Products oxymoron

Whose become mental manically
Speaking of de minimis activity as
If that provide the utmost, why it’s empty
Soul still remind the brain to
Cry for the loved one

Lost the key of heaven’s gate
Closed and too afraid to knock
And turn around to see blank space
Between self and self made

Realize to differ, vice versa
Form an idea of better
Life and the way to

Be mature!
Be happy!

But not being an adult.

Napowrimo day 8, a polinode of my brain on being a grown up.


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