Musical Journey

I love songs, i have too many favorites till i cant remember any of it unless i heard someone sing about it and my mind goes, ‘Aha! I love that songs too!’. I love songs because its lyric, music comes later. If the music catch my ear but the lyric don’t, I cross it off my list. That simple. I am not into any particular musician or era. A friend showed me his hipster collection and I search one that provide good lyric to put it in my playlist. Various twitter account that I follow say that 90’s music is the best, so I google best 90’s music to listen. Sometimes I listen to JB, Gaga or Black Eyed peas, in one occasion I really love ‘Work, Bitch’ to listen over when I did my assignment.

Glee introduces me to musical, thank God for that, I now have a chance to listen beautiful number from Wicked, West Side Story and Once. Glee basically introduces me to a lot of great song (and now the show is end, I literally don’t know where to ask for my musical reference). From glee, I know the great Stevie Wonder, I learn how to love MJ and understand what Rocky Horror is (so I am not confused when I read The Perks of being Wallflower). Again, thanks to glee for making a lot of great cover (if you don’t know please google Teenage Dream Darren Criss). I can’t stop writing about glee, before I told you my favorite numbers that this series have introduce me. I will just write it fast, okay. Landslide-Root Before Branches-Don’t Stop Believing (da!)-Don’t Dream It’s Over-Defying Gravity-Shake It Out.

B hates me watching Glee and I dislike him for that. I keep convince him that most of the songs that I know (and he likes some of it), I knew it from Glee. For him, the show is exaggerating, it doesn’t make sense for him. He said ‘how can you just sing in the middle of conversation?’ and I replied him’ the show meant to be hyperbolic, dude!’ Oh well, the thing is B just doesn’t like any song that is exaggerating in the tone, for him singing has the same value with storytelling, so one need to sing with all his heart rather than showing off how exact one person should hit the note. So can you guess, what are the songs that appear in his playlist? Its Tupac, MJ, John Legend, Mary J Blige, Journey and Wind, Fire Earth. That is all, Oh wait, he also like various rap songs that I can’t remember the name. B is into rap so much! (And he can rap well!) Without B, I am pretty sure I will not know Tupac and his great lyric. Once I listen to Tupac and I can’t close my mouth for 4 minutes because I am in awe reading his lyric. It’s still hard for me to listen to rap songs, but I guess rapping has the same idea with spoken poetry, so I began to listen to it as well. I wish one day I could write him a song that he can rap it out (is it rap it out?).

It was really hard for us to settle down and listen to a music together, but now finally we have settlement. I like his Tupac and John Legend, so guess what he likes from my music taste? ED SHEERAN, YO! He listens to Ed Sheeran and remember the lyrics more than I do. When I first found out that he likes it I just burst out laughing for not believing it!

Well, if I really really have to list down three of my most important songs, I think I will go with those who has historical related to me. Not historical related with the artists of course, but I will choose songs who is with me throughout my (love) life.

  1. Fix You – Coldplay

No need for explanation rite? Poetic lyric, romantic music. The lyric is so powerful, till it becomes one of my must heard song when I feel low. This song also convince me, teach me on trusting somebody. As broken soul, it was really hard for me to figure out my vulnerability and find out that I need help, it was so hard for me to break my wall that I had been built the entire time until B came. B doesn’t know Coldplay and never really listen to this song, but I know if he is desperately romantic person, he would give me this song to show what he was intending to do. What B has done to me is exactly the reality of this song, he comforts me, he guides me, he fixes me, he loves me.

  1. Someday-John Legend

I heard the song by watching Jonathan Ryes Myers Augustus Rush, but I like the song because B put it in his iPod. For me this is an ultimate song for long distance relationship people. B and I always sang this song when we were going to separate or thinking about we leave each other to go back to our country. We sang this song for almost three long years, while telling each other that the ‘someday’ is soon enough, we just have to be sabr (patient) and trust in God’s plan.  This was our anthem. Now, when we listen to the song, we laugh and look at each other eyes, find out that our someday is presence every day.

  1. Thinking Out Loud

I love this song, I love Ed Sheeran so much. After being a fan since 2012, it’s a long journey to have his super brand new song to replace Lego House in my heart. So when Thinking Out Loud came, I just become so freak about it till I just have one song in my recent playlist. I am so freak till I sang it every day include sing it to B via WhatsApp. Not until, I arrive in Germany I found out that B likes this song too. It’s great for me to have another anthem to replace Someday. I feel like this song is an everlasting love song, just like our love insha Allah.


Oh, it’s a thousand words post. (I write this for Writing 101 day 3! Oh my, I am sooooo late! I still have two more post to catch up before going steady in next week!)

Thanks for reading my mumbling, now tell me how is your musical journey?


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