Come Back

Once upon a Sunday, the petite girl walks
Direction to forest which colour is red
Goes with new sneakers, warm jacket, full backpack
She wants peaceful rest

After lousy weekdays and busy Saturday
Studying theories for the sake of good grades
Faking happiness to stay completely sane
She takes the first bus

To the red forest, far north in the outskirts
Where mushroom grows under the pines that line up
On the damp grounds, surrounded by rainy scent
She greets the rapeseed

Warm breeze swept some petals through her face, she knew
She get her breach within tranquillity of
Sound and step every second count as a help
When universe


Can’t believe that I’m in poem 11 already (I always amaze of me being consistent)! 11th prompt should be a sapphic, but it goes too complicated. So instead of following the rule by using trochee and dactyl, I just go with the structure; quatrains whose first three lines have eleven syllables, and the fourth, just five.

I am talking about forest today since I am going to forest in few minutes.

Gotta go!


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