Losing Loss

Fourth prompt of Writing101 is about loss but I am resistance for loss! I lost a lot of things in my life, until at one point when I lose something I will just forget it.

Let me put you through list of things that I often lose.

  1. Key

People do that right? People lost key! Forget where they put it, leave it in somewhat counters, put it in the pocket and the key falls. That easy.

  1. Glasses

What is another reason to buy new glasses other than you lose it? Nothing! I just change the glasses if I lose it, I even never recognize that my sight getting worse till I got new glasses and everything looks so HD. Breaking glasses is so normal. You need to lose your glasses.

  1. Phone

Lost it since junior high school either by forget where to put it or by break it. Let me have a moment of silence to remember all the phone that I have lost. Sorry for lose you out of my sight dear Samsung and Nokia, sorry for break you dear Motorola, Siemens, Sony and iPhone.  My lives are so devastated without you all. #sorrynotsorry

  1. Money

You lost them too, I guess. But that’s what money are for.

  1. Time

Let us all blame internet for this, shall we?

  1. Opportunity

I really hate myself for this. I think the worse of losing things is when you lose an opportunity and I lose a lot of it. Seriously, I mean it.

  1. Ideas

I used to piss at myself, because I got so many brilliant idea that I never made it true. But now, I am still piss off.

  1. Faith

Men lose faith – men gain hope, men lose faith again-miracle happen – men believe again. That’s circle of life.

Allright, enough for the sarcasm. When I say I become resistance for loss, I mean it and those list are true, but the thing is I learn from my loss. I began to value and un-value things in the same time. I appreciate what I have more than before but when I lose it, I don’t get crazy about it. My wake up call was recent, it was last year when I put my iPhone on the oven, then I lose it after the battery was totally broken.  From that experience I know I will never ever lose things again. Even though, months later I let a baby break my laptop but it is not counted somehow.

But I still can’t change my negligence on number 5-8. Time, Opportunity, Idea and Money are really hard to keep. I think like It has something to do on myself being forgetful and un-focus. So, I will challenge myself to be discipline and focus for next week! I am really tired of losing things, so I make this plan for myself to accomplish. Let’s see how things gonna turn out this week. Can i balance my study life while being a good wife and keep on blogging and making poetry?

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12 thoughts on “Losing Loss

  1. Because I am now in my 68th year, when I read the word ‘loss’, I immediately interpret that as meaning ‘having lost a loved one’, ‘having suffered the loss of a relationship or friendship’, ‘the loss of career’, and probably more common now in my life is having people I know going through a loss of their memory. In your great country there is a danger of loss through volcanic activity, and those in its path. Thank you for your thoughts and posts and visiting my site!

  2. Good luck on your journey to more discipline and focus on those things you mention (time, opportunity, etc.). Off of time and opportunity are things we can never gain back and something I am always trying to work on.

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