No Needle for No one

Arya let her rage out
     Smashed the stones in front of her with her bare hand
She finds out Needle isn’t there

Pretty sure about the location
     Can’t be wrong about
Two stacks of stones around the House of Black and White

One North, one South
She choosed one nearby the river
     The one with a hole in the front

“It shouldn’t be found!”
She screams hopelessly
     To the Faceless God whom she serves

She checks again the hole on the back
     Then run to the stacks in the south
Back and forth, seven times north to south

Dig the hole deeper and deeper
Till she finds out a letter
     Opens it, only to find Valar Morghulis

Written on the death scented black paper.
     “Valar Dohaeris”
She murmurs back to the letter.

“Are you looking for me?”
A man behind her whispers
     She knew it’s Jaqen H’ghar.

“I am looking for the sender of this letter!”
Arya replies without looking back.
      “Valar Morghulis”

“Valar Dohaeris”
      She turns to face the Faceless Man.
No one should not looking for Arya Stark’s sword”

Jaqen H’ghar look deep to Arya’s eyes
      Tries to find the truth.
No one miss Arya Stark”

      She can’t look back to him.
No one must not miss anyone”
His eyes as sharp as her sword

No one understand, no one must go back to scrub the floor then.”
She gives him her cold eyes
      “Sorry, Jon” her heart whines.

After binge-ing on four episodes of Game of Thrones I can’t help myself to not write about them. I feel like super cheating in this post, because I mix Napowrimo twelfth prompt with Writing 101 fifth prompt. What I do is getting the idea of “Brief” to write it in form of flash fan fiction,  before I turn it into a poetry by cutting the paragraph into lines and swipe down useless words.


Before I turn it into poetry

Took me one hour (plus brainstorming and procrastinating) writing this. Quite fast tho (for me). This poetry is totally fanfiction, no spoiler at all unless you don’t know anything at all about Game of Thrones.

Thanks for reading.


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