Kitchen Romance


“Can you bring me ketchup?” he shouts at her.

“What?” she shouts back from the kitchen counter.


This time she hears what he’s saying, she then stop stirring her Bechamel sauce rouge, tiptoed her way to surprise him in their living room.

“You can’t shout at me like that.” She gives him a slight glare, her hands fold at her waist.

With his head still clings on the laptop screen, he says his apology.

“And you forget to say please.”

This time he turns his head toward her, he takes her glare and gives away his beautiful smile that he knows she cant resist.

“Please bring me the very delicious Heinz ketchup, my Queen.” He kisses her hand right after he finishes his sentence. She steps back to the kitchen, mumbling that a Queen shouldn’t bring him a ketchup, he follows her.

“What for do you need the ketchup anyway, i make white sauce for the fish?”

“Maybe i would like some extra taste in our food, just to see if it’s fit you know,” he caresses her hair. “Do you think it will fit to the fish?”

“Nope, that’s why i make Bechamel sauce,” she smiles and raise one of her eyebrow at him, “nutmeg, please”

He hands her the nutmeg, “are you sure? i somehow think it would be fit, ” he replied.

The oven clinks. He take out the fish, without her asking.

“Thank you,” she utters, “but I still think the fish with this sauce will not fit with that Heinz ketchup.”

“Can i just try a little?” His hand holds a spoon, ready to take a big chunk on the fish.

She take his spoon away, “Not at all,” she smirks. “You know that we have to respect each other cooking, right?”

“Yes, but…”

“You also will not like if I just put some sambal on your food” she turns off the stove and whisking the sauce at the same time.

“If it fits, why not?”

“Exactly! And this time, Heinz ketchup will not fit with Bechamel sauce.” She gives him a taste of her sauce. “If you want a tomato sauce with your fish, you should tell me earlier so I can make tomato sauce instead a white one. Can you understand that?”

“Is the flavor okay already?” she asks again.

“A little bit more salt and I still think the Heinz ketchup will bring a good balance for your food, so can we just agree to disagree?”

She spoon the sauce to him again, “like always?”

He kisses her forehead and then mess her hair before going to living room with the fish and ketchup on his hand.

I write this for going on with Writing101 theme.

Do i show you enough contrast in this dialogue?

“Can we just agree to disagree?”


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