On My Attempt to Have a Routine

For some people, routine is what makes them alive, some others will do everything to avoid one.

I am the some others, routine isn’t in my comfort zone. Contrary to what most people believe as a hard thing to do, trying new things is my favorite. So yeah, it’s hard for me to do one thing continuously, even for love i was the kind of person who is easy to love and easy to forget someone (until i find B, of course!) I always needed a break or a distraction, sometimes i switch task, move to another place or procrastinate. I try multitasking too hard until i often fails because i lose my focus. In the old times, i kept saying to my dad whom always remind me to focus on one thing at a time that i can’t focus on one thing! But in fact, focus on several others is even harder.

I realize now, when i live on my own household, i need routine. I can’t be the girl who always do things impulsively anymore, i have to my self to have a routine. I have this privilege to have a great husband who understand my moodiness, but i don’t want to be that way all the time. Somehow i know that, the challenge in my life will be tougher as day goes, sooner or later i will have classes, join on one organisation, having kids, and it’s hard to be everything at once without having a routine. I don’t want to be a mother who skip classes or a wife who serving late dinner. For these few months, i always excuse myself by saying i don’t have a routine because i am not responsible to no one, i am my own boss, i will do whatever i want and whenever i like; but that’s totally wrong. I always have responsibility on myself, to be a better version of myself, to improve everyday, to learn something new. I need a routine for that, to be exact i have to be discipline on my routine.

This afternoon, i watched this video from Mel Robbins in TEDxSF about how to get what i want.

What a revalation! From her i learn that getting you what you want is NOT EASY, IT HURTS AF, and YOU WON’T ENJOY IT THAT MUCH!!!!

Oh God, it feels so good to realize that. Like i told you, i was being idle these few months, i keep telling my self i don’t like that so i will not do that. But girl, not liking things will take you nowhere!!!!! So here is a post as solemn promise that i will have a routine this month! I will get my arse off to do everything that i promise my self to do, no excuse or whatever!


Dear y’all, i pledge myself to follow this routine everyday until the end of July.

My routines are:

– Watch one TED video after waking up

– Learn German for 30 minutes

– Study IOU for 40 minutes

– Edit my novel for 30 minutes

– Learn Arabic in Bayyinah.com for 30 minutes

– Write a blog post for one hour

– Write new novel for one hour

– Learn German for 30 minutes

– read one chapter of a book a day

– one juz of Qur’an

– write a poem


– start cooking and cleaning everyday at 7.30pm

– i am just allowed to watch one movie a day or 2 episode of any series a day.

I guess, that’s all.. Okay my rehab days start today, wish me strong!

Is there anyone who got the same issue like me? or you have the tips to overcome this kind of issue?




7 thoughts on “On My Attempt to Have a Routine

  1. Wow, what a routine list, and I think it’s quite long, Mbak :hehe. But I do hope that you’ll able to finish all of these list successfully. As for me, hmm… I’ve had problems in procrastinating, too, but since I also have had the lessons from postponing my works, too, now I just try to list things that have to be done in a day, and if I’ve finished all of it, I could improvise with anything that interests me. I just have to remember that hopefully I don’t force myself too hard because above all, me having fun is the first priority :)).

    Good luck, anyway!

  2. Great, Azmi! I just found Bayyinah.com also couple days ago and I wish to learn Arabic from basic. Routine is a must, but it is not easy for me T_T

  3. Nice attempt, masha’Allah!
    Wish you luck, my dear friend!
    Hmm, I myself, next August will have a new routine list too. 😃
    The new year of education will be started soon.

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