8 reasons why you should visit Morocco


Last summer, i really felt the need to just travel to nowhere. The reason was, Björn and i didn’t have enough time for a loong holiday in Indonesia. Travel helps me to erase all the sadness and homesickness. So, i told my husband, “Let’s go!”. But when he asked, “where?”, i couldn’t answer him. London was actually my first pick. I already booked a ticket for our spring holiday but cancel it in the same the day, because i just realized in that day, that i need a VISA to go to London!

When London was off the list, i really didn’t know where to go, since Iceland or Norwegia is my next dream destination. But they are wayyy too expensive for us. I then named some countries around Germany, but Björn kept rejected my ideas cause he really wants to go to Islamic country. Turkey which stand on my top five country-to-go-soon list also got rejected because Björn had been there already. Gladly amidst everything, i follow @amrazing on Instagram and at that time he posted series of amazing pictures in Morocco.  One post even informed me that Indonesian doesn’t need VISA to go to Morocco. So, without further consideration, Björn finally agreed to go to Morocco. And man, i should have put this country on my top traveling list. Cause everything is so enchanted!

So, here are 10 reasons why you should go to Morocco soon!

1.It’s in Africa

First thing first, shallow reason. You are one step closer to check off one list in your bucket to go to every continent in the world. Morocco is kind of the nearest and the safest country in Africa right now. So, before you go anywhere else, you can start off from Morocco.

2. Homage to your favorite movies and series.

Another shallow reason that got me super excited to visit Morocco is because i could see Yunkai and Casablanca. Find your favorite movies that were filmed in Morocco here.


feel badass. chanelling Khaleesi

3.The transportation system is good enough to enable you to go all over the country.

There is always different choices to go from one city to another. It could be train, bus, taxi or plane. All the transportation system is already connected to the internet, so you can easily check the timeline and book the ticket. (You can check it here).

My favorite is the small tour bus across the country, followed by the train. It’s so comfortable since we got the compartment for ourselves for the whole trip from Casablanca to Marrakesh.

4.Best road trip, you could ever have

I always love road trip. But i believe Morocco offers the best road trip one could ever imagine. I choose 3 days 2 nights trip from Marrakech to Fez, and it was breathtaking. Every 10km offers totally different scenery. I was even too amazed to take pictures. One thing that i keep thinking along the way is that, no one can make all these beautiful sceneries other than One with the greatest power.

5. The colour is so vivid so unforgettable

Inspirations in every move you take.

Untitled design.jpg

6. Pretty riad with pretty price

Okay, everything is actually pretty with pretty price. But my favorite finding is the Riad(hotel/apartment), i get these Riads from airbnb but in fact you can always bargain on the spot.


7. The food is divine.

The most regrettable thing other than i didn’t spare enough time in Morocco is i didn’t eat enough. I wish i could taste all different kinds of tajines there. It’s their way of cooking that couldn’t be recreated anywhere. Of all the tajines that i’ve tasted, my favorite goes to lamb tajine with plum. Make sure to gain some kg’s there, allright?


that’s the only tajine pic that i got, other than this i was too hungry to take pic.

8.You can bargain everything, anything

 I am not good in bargaining, the only bargain that i do is to bargain the taxi (it’s crazy overpriced for tourist). I also don’t like shopping, Marrakesh and Fez Medina don’t really impressed me. If you are the opposite of me, Moroccos Medinas are your heaven.

What are you waiting for? Book your ticket now to Morocco and share your stories. Oh, i made a video essay about what i’ve learned in Morocco here. Kindly, check it out :* Thanks for reading and watchingg.


10 thoughts on “8 reasons why you should visit Morocco

  1. Nice post mba ami! Aku juga planning ke London langsung cancel gara2 visa UK itu. Btw Iceland baru-baru ini buka rute murah loh pake wizzair tapi gatau kalo dari Jerman gimana hehe. Posting yang banyak ya tentang travel mba! 😉

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