Love Advices

It is not about how we live
But it’s about how we enjoy it
He said

Smile is important
Cause happiness make us stronger
He tells

We need to cherish the moment
Look for the better
Advice each other
Be patient, I said

He adds
I smile

But, you have to believe and trust
I will be your guard

I ask
He whispers

While I suppose to post my 6th poetry in day 6, here I am try to post my day 4th submission. The prompt was loveless love poetry. I have to make a poetry about love, without using the word love and avoid flowery and rainbowy scene. I made a lot of this actually. So my take on this prompt is love advices that we make throughout our 3 years conscious coupling. Hope you like it.

What is your advice for newlywed like me?


Sky Knows

Who knows you could smile out of the blue, while you are feeling blue
Maybe the truth is the blue sky awaits to give a clue
For white cloud is the messenger to whisper, deliver
Secrets of every soul, dispel loathsome human old foul

My entry for NAPOWRIMO day 3, an unfinished poetry. 😦 when I wrote this poetry the sky was clear blue outside my bedroom, I don’t really have time to finish it until now that I am in train and the sky turns so grey.

The prompt is fourteeners, which means I have to make a poetry that each line consists of 14 syllables. It is a new knowledge to me, thanks napowrimo.

Poetry – tale of a star

I am the lost star
Trapped within galaxies
Wandering between scrutiny
Wonder for the exact stellar

Left undiscovered, almost fall
Wait for the dead end elapsed
Till one glimpse make the call
Pause the last lapse

Destiny isn’t the suffix of prodigy
Journey is vincible
Repose fairly
Run over with ramble

Emit out rays of light
Release the proven vigor
Painting the night
Trying from the core

Submit for NAPOWRIMO day 2 (supposedly).
Prompt: star
It is my answer for song Lost Star by: Adam Levine.

Getting ready for April!

Finally I have a strategy to my post uni-wife life status.

As an overactive girl, I will be sick all the time if don’t have anything to do. It has been three weeks since I arrive and I still haven’t found a challenging activity for me. For that I got terrible headache and flu! I thought my online university study time could spare my boredom a little, but in fact it couldn’t. Because the courses are so relatable, I could finish a week courses in a day. I really feel an urge to join organisation or a club or something. But in fact there is no English book club in aachen and I haven’t found any org nearby (most of the organisation are around Berlin).

I also realize that I can’t do much in here, since my German is still very basic. My language course will start somewhen in June (I am in the waiting list!). So I have two empty months, and I spend most of my time alone since B is busy with his study and working life.

B encouraged me to go to the gym, but somehow I feel like gym isn’t my kind of sports. I told him I will search for yoga class or thai boxing class around, when I am ready to do sport 😝


Found it in new apartment. A sign for me to write more

Upon my boredom, I found these online writing projects for my ultimate boredom in April:

1. Writing 101 initiated by The Daily Post

I need this so bad, as an undisciplined  person I need to be reminded all the time to do a routine. I need an extra motivation that will make me move myself on. So the idea of having a daily email that will provide you prompts and themes are the best for me. I believe blogging daily will nurture my writing habit, I really hope I can succeed this time.

WRITING 101 will start on 6th April.  The great thing is this project is not only  provide theme and prompts daily but there is also community site where participants are able to share and connect with each other. Daily Post staff and Happiness Engineers will also be on hand in the comments to answer your questions and offer guidance and resources.

If you are interested to join you can register here.

This project will oblige me to write poetry every day in April. YAY me! Yay National Poetry Writing Month!

I think two years ago, my blog turned into a poetry blog for some months because I was in a confusing state of love. Was it three years ago? Hm… I post poetry everytime I blog (which was so rare but still more often than I used to post). Since then, poetry become my escape goat, if I am too lazy to write I push my self to write a poetry. Whether the poetry is finished or not, it doesn’t really matter. I also use poetry to trigger inspiration, before I continue to write my (unfinished) novel. For that the poetry should be finished, so I got the nice feeling of finishing something.

Check their website for more info.

3. Applying to become contributor for

Yeah, being married doesn’t stop me to embrace my girly side. I am not even 21, I don’t have kids yet, so I guess people still could look at me as something that could represent a girl. Some kids that I met on the street even thought that I am the new student in their school. They thought I am 14 😱. So there is this cool muslimah website, (for me it’s like Rookie but talking about muslim girl life) that I can really relate to some of the article, so my thought was I can be contributor in this website.

I feel like there is not much representative from South East Asian muslim girls (most are American) in that website, I feel an urge to tell my story for living in two big muslim countries. Plus, right now I become the minority in Germany, so I have stories to be majority muslim and minority muslim. 🙂 One of the qualification is to have a good grammar, I am kinda worry about that. But then, let’s just try!

I will send them my resume tomorrow. Let’s see how it turns out!?!

4. Editing my novel and start another one with support of Camp NANOWRIMO.

Only IF I could finish my first novel project, before April begins. Four more days, nine more pages.


Those are projects that I believe will do so much good for my writing skill, turn me to become productive and hopefully disciplined myself.

Ofcourse other than those projects I still have to study German everyday via duolingo, make easy cute DIY for my new apartment, finish some books and go out in the sun.

I still dunno what to treat myself if this project finished perfectly. Do you have some ideas?

What is your online projects for April? Tell me, maybe I will join them too!




She decides to use that power again. Totally aware with the fact that this is the last time she is able to use that power, after four times wasting it. She won’t messed up, she promises herself. She reckons all her plans that she made up last night before finally wide awake and try to search the thing.

A bizarre sunshine sneak in from the curtain beside her bed. She turns her back to the light that is now centered on the wooden floor in front of her wardrobe. She can’t stop stare at the light, since the light is her only friend for the past week. After stumble on books that scattered on every inch of her bedroom, she catches the light. Sit on it for a meanwhile and smile at the small hole on the curtain, wishing it will deliver her smile back to the sun.

The fact is, the light didn’t just come to accompany her today. It helps her to find the thing that she is looking for. The light really saves her hours of time to search the thing that is hidden under her wardrobe, after few nights ago she just throw that thing out of rage after she failed her mission.

The thing that she’s looking for is a compass. A compass that left inside her sister shoe, the day when she went missing. On the other shoe, a piece of paper was tucked in. One side was written that the paper was addressed in her name, the other side showed her the way to find back her sister in a week. And that was when her crazy week started.

She was indeed asking her mom to believe in what she got, but ofcourse it was nonsense for their parent to believe. There was no evidence of the existence of her sister at the time she reached her home. Not even in the picture, nor in her parents memory. She went crazy because she thought she is crazy. But once, she arrived at her own bedroom, she knew she is not crazy. All the things left the same there, their crazy diaries, their crazy wall painting. Her signature is still on the same place as she remember.

She then went crazy, cracking the code to figure out how to use the compass. First attempt was failed intentionally, since she just wants to figure out how the compass work. She ended up in a cornfield. She didn’t want to waste too many times in the wild, so she ran to the nearest house to find out what year and what time was she in. It was the same date, same time, but different year. She was in the 1962, if the journey was for fun, she intended to stay little but longer for each year. But she can’t, she prefers to have her sister back rather than having meticulous journey alone. And so, she tried to went back to her real time, didn’t know anything to do she just pressed the button. She ended up in another era. Four attempts was recklessly wasted just for her to go back to her real time. She went back straight to her bed, threw the compass out, cried the whole night until she came up with a strategy. It took days to believe that she got the right strategy to just use one time chance to bring her sister back to the real time.

At first, she thought there will be miracle that will add the amount of her trials to find her sister back. But then she believed it couldn’t be that way. She stocked until last night the idea of never come back show up.

The compass looks broken, after she picks it under the wardrobe. She cried again, while adjusting her position to go to the year of 1996 when her sister just born. She is facing the north and mess the compass needle toward 96 degrees and then she open the last screw behind the compass. Her eyes close and once she opens, she saw her three year old body smiling at her. She screw up again, and this time there is no turning back.


Oh, yay another #RabuMenulis! A fifteen minutes writing challange that intiated by Gagas Media. This time the theme is time travelling and we have to use compass as the the tools to time travel.

How do you think about my writing? Please be a mean reader and a grammar nazi so I can improve my English writing skill.

Thank you, fellas.

I am Sorry, My Palestine



Broke the glass
Filled water in
Locked the mess
Found reflection within

Skipping morning
Consoling solitude
Mind wondering, wandering
A News beg for self gratitude

For a heart that tired to weep
Compare with a body never go down for sleep
One serenade for broken heart story
The other requiem for dreams of humanity

Furious whim can’t be juxtaposed with blood that shared
One dollar can’t save any kiddo life
Yet, a heart is forfeit
Drop the subject, forget the living lifes

Broken glass, scattered water
Lament for a nonchalant
Wain for powerlessness
Mind wondering, wandering, then be grateful

Screaming love cant be heard over
Praying safety remain on hold
Hugging become unexplicable

For a least trial though
I spell my tears out
I put my sorrow into words
I clarify my love

To be done on a blog
Someday you have chance to read it
You can reach me
my love, my hugs, my pray
and you feel a little bit happy
cause you know you are with me
you are with the world.