To be a Wife

To be a wife is to smile to learn to watch to understand      Sometimes to cook to clean to caress to satisfy to devote As a Queen, wife should rule As a Cook, wife should give a good food As a Mother, wife should be careful As a Partner, wife should understood     To … Continue reading To be a Wife


Poet’s Confession

If poetry doesn't make me feel safe and free, I always take a walk or do the eating spree If poetry can't listen and behaving badly, I read between lines in dictionary If poetry makes me anxious of things, I'd rather walk away, left it unfinished Napowrimo prompt 19 is to write Afghan style poetry, … Continue reading Poet’s Confession

Becoming Digital

People see people thought People stare people judge people Talk Back - down - over - sense People listen To story Of feeling or family in a journey People bored People Prefer share - Upload picture and get like 140 characters to be RTed Exaggerated hashtag likeforelike #followforfollow Degrading is funny Unimportant is the most … Continue reading Becoming Digital