8 reasons why you should visit Morocco


Last summer, i really felt the need to just travel to nowhere. The reason was, Björn and i didn’t have enough time for a loong holiday in Indonesia. Travel helps me to erase all the sadness and homesickness. So, i told my husband, “Let’s go!”. But when he asked, “where?”, i couldn’t answer him. London was actually my first pick. I already booked a ticket for our spring holiday but cancel it in the same the day, because i just realized in that day, that i need a VISA to go to London!

When London was off the list, i really didn’t know where to go, since Iceland or Norwegia is my next dream destination. But they are wayyy too expensive for us. I then named some countries around Germany, but Björn kept rejected my ideas cause he really wants to go to Islamic country. Turkey which stand on my top five country-to-go-soon list also got rejected because Björn had been there already. Gladly amidst everything, i follow @amrazing on Instagram and at that time he posted series of amazing pictures in Morocco.  One post even informed me that Indonesian doesn’t need VISA to go to Morocco. So, without further consideration, Björn finally agreed to go to Morocco. And man, i should have put this country on my top traveling list. Cause everything is so enchanted!

So, here are 10 reasons why you should go to Morocco soon!

1.It’s in Africa

First thing first, shallow reason. You are one step closer to check off one list in your bucket to go to every continent in the world. Morocco is kind of the nearest and the safest country in Africa right now. So, before you go anywhere else, you can start off from Morocco.

2. Homage to your favorite movies and series.

Another shallow reason that got me super excited to visit Morocco is because i could see Yunkai and Casablanca. Find your favorite movies that were filmed in Morocco here.


feel badass. chanelling Khaleesi

3.The transportation system is good enough to enable you to go all over the country.

There is always different choices to go from one city to another. It could be train, bus, taxi or plane. All the transportation system is already connected to the internet, so you can easily check the timeline and book the ticket. (You can check it here).

My favorite is the small tour bus across the country, followed by the train. It’s so comfortable since we got the compartment for ourselves for the whole trip from Casablanca to Marrakesh.

4.Best road trip, you could ever have

I always love road trip. But i believe Morocco offers the best road trip one could ever imagine. I choose 3 days 2 nights trip from Marrakech to Fez, and it was breathtaking. Every 10km offers totally different scenery. I was even too amazed to take pictures. One thing that i keep thinking along the way is that, no one can make all these beautiful sceneries other than One with the greatest power.

5. The colour is so vivid so unforgettable

Inspirations in every move you take.

Untitled design.jpg

6. Pretty riad with pretty price

Okay, everything is actually pretty with pretty price. But my favorite finding is the Riad(hotel/apartment), i get these Riads from airbnb but in fact you can always bargain on the spot.


7. The food is divine.

The most regrettable thing other than i didn’t spare enough time in Morocco is i didn’t eat enough. I wish i could taste all different kinds of tajines there. It’s their way of cooking that couldn’t be recreated anywhere. Of all the tajines that i’ve tasted, my favorite goes to lamb tajine with plum. Make sure to gain some kg’s there, allright?


that’s the only tajine pic that i got, other than this i was too hungry to take pic.

8.You can bargain everything, anything

 I am not good in bargaining, the only bargain that i do is to bargain the taxi (it’s crazy overpriced for tourist). I also don’t like shopping, Marrakesh and Fez Medina don’t really impressed me. If you are the opposite of me, Moroccos Medinas are your heaven.

What are you waiting for? Book your ticket now to Morocco and share your stories. Oh, i made a video essay about what i’ve learned in Morocco here. Kindly, check it out :* Thanks for reading and watchingg.


​The World Through a Technicolor Glass

When I first heard the word “world” my hands are not big enough to reach out one football size globe. My head kept hurts to understand that billions live with me at that exact time. I was so jealous at that time, knowing in the other spectrum of this world there are four season. There, people can see snow, even eat it. But when I first watch a Hindi movie, my eyes suddenly don’t defy all the facts about world. My pupil goes wider and stunned for seeing a creature, a scenery, a language that I never experience before. My iris burst into happiness. 
But the spectrum that I saw at that time was too overwhelming. At that time, nobody told me how to appreciate my surrounding. I tried to copy what I saw. Having short hair and wishing every night that I will get more pointed nose soon, so I can look more like Anjali, the character I saw in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. I tried hard to be the cleverest, cause that was the only way to befriend those who are coolest. It makes me happy temporarily, but it felt wrong because I am not them; even worse I am not me as a whole.

In time when I put my glasses on, I also put on a filter for me to understand the world; I installed a technicolor glass. It was my attempt to try my best to understand every color by looking at a bigger spectrum. I started to listen more, read more books from different countries, befriend various kinds of people, and sneaking up in the middle of the night to watch a better quality movie from HBO. 

It was surprisingly relieving to see the world through this glass. Knowing that my color wasn’t just one to begin with, is a start for me to repel “I could be a rainbow, if I want”; my mantra when I was in middle school, that I believe could bring me here to Germany. This window loosen up my body, it teaches me that wearing orange is never that bad and loving red is not wrong. It shows my true color as much as other people’s.

There is no stranger anymore in my world. This window makes me see that people are just like colors. We are the same because we have the very same basic color, even though the amount of it might be different, even though people have different version on determining their primary colour. We will always have the same incision and share the same spectrum. No strangers, just fellow human being that has totally unique color wheels.

This technicolor window helps me to be a better person to other. By putting my true colors out there, I can understand better those who share the same chords with me. I then also know, what do I need when I met certain hues that I am not familiar with. I adjust my exposure, I saturate better, sometime put a less highlight. I learn more about tint, shade and tone cause I need the best way to perfect my filter in my technicolor window.

I am still learning and I won’t stop, cause I believe the best human being is the one that is the most useful to other. And the first step to be helpful and useful is to understand. 

Better Not

Grunt to the morning shine
Run to the office late
Stop for a coffee can
Better not

Cubicle full of sweat
Dread for what come next
Sigh some office mate
So better not

Whereas we cry out
They cackle
Bang the door shut!
Better not

If everything went too much
to overcome
Better rest, better stop
Better not

My entry for NAPOWRIMO DAY 1
Prompt: Negation

My March as a Foodie

Inspired by Janice in The Simple Beginner, I decided to post my March favourites.

I tried to publish a post before, but the content wasn’t uploaded. It wasn’t even saved. (noob problem) 😭 so you will see lots of pictures in this post, less words.

As a foodie, I feel like I haven’t show my true self (who is constantly hungry and love food too much) in this blog. So here is a post to show them all. I pick food as the main (and only) theme for my March Favourites.

PS: I made these food all by my self (#proudwife)


As a pure German, my husband needs to see bread, cheese and butter on our breakfast table everyday. Gladly Germany provide various kind of bread and cheese to make sure that the citizen will not bored because of being to addicted of bread and cheese (and potato and beer).

My favourite bread is Abend Brötchen and B’s favourite is every kind of bread. My favourite cheese is mozzarella and B’s favourite is anything as long as it’s a lot.

Well here are two of my favourite breakfast (that I took photo of) in March.


Smoked salmon with fresh tomato, Dänischer Gurkensalat and scrambled egg.


Nutella pancake with banana, raisin and honey.


Actually we don’t eat so much lunch, because we are too busy to study in March. So sometimes I just grab a sandwich to go or make simple pasta.


Fussili with mushrooms and sausage


Tomato Mozzarella sandwich.


I am crazy in cooking dinner, I tried so hard to not cook the same dinner in a month.


Homemade Burger


Roasted Turmeric chicken with sautéed Eggplant and Potato


Spaghetti with pesto, fresh tomato and crispy pesto chicken


Cordon Bleu with creamy mix veggie and potato


Rendang beef with Indonesian yellow rice


Roasted Chicken and potato with thyme, rosemary and lemon


Soy sauce Beef with roasted almond and potato


I made two super delicious apple pie, but it was too Delicious till I can’t spare any moment to take its pictures.


Cinnamon rose (failed cinnamon rolls)


Brownie pie with Nutella-cream cheese mousse.


Oh my, I become so hungry after posting those pics.

So guys how was your food journey last month?

Do you have any suggestions to improve the way I took picture of my food?

Let me know if you need recipes for those food! 😉

Versatile Blogger Award



This is my first nomination everrrr! Thanks to Chloe who nominate me far away from Georgia (the country). It is such a great surprise to my Monday, this nomination really a booster for me to do my daily post here in wordpress.

Again, მადლობა Chloe.

Well, the rules are like this:

  1. Thank the person who gave you this award, and leave a link to their blog.
  2. Tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.
  3. Nominate 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly


So, seven things about me that i have not explain on my about page are

  • Honestly, i am not just a foodie, I am a constantly hungry person.
  • Other than becoming a distinguished writer, my dream goal is also to be a professional mother.
  • I am such a forgetful person, i keep thinking if this is a serious disease but too afraid to go to a doctor for that.
  • My first poetry slam was in Ubud, Bali. I got into top five for Women Poetry Slam in Ubud Writer and Reader Festival. I have the video of me in that slam, but still to shy to upload it in my youtube account.
  • I fancy British accent. I tried to do Manchaster dialect, but i give up because i dont know how to learn it, i never assure if i say it correctly or not. So i guess i will just learn the received pronunciation.
  • I am into Broadway songs lately, thanks to Glee. I feel like musical songs have more powerful lyric and relatable tone. My favorite song list are from Wicked (of course!) , Once and The Lion King duh!
  • I love making plans. I used to make unrealistic plan before but now i try to make plan that is reliable.

Well, those are random fact about myself and i am really curious to know about yours.

I nominate:


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Have a great day, fellas!