8 reasons why you should visit Morocco

Last summer, i really felt the need to just travel to nowhere. The reason was, Björn and i didn't have enough time for a loong holiday in Indonesia. Travel helps me to erase all the sadness and homesickness. So, i told my husband, "Let's go!". But when he asked, "where?", i couldn't answer him. London … Continue reading 8 reasons why you should visit Morocco


​The World Through a Technicolor Glass

When I first heard the word “world” my hands are not big enough to reach out one football size globe. My head kept hurts to understand that billions live with me at that exact time. I was so jealous at that time, knowing in the other spectrum of this world there are four season. There, … Continue reading ​The World Through a Technicolor Glass

Better Not

Grunt to the morning shine Run to the office late Stop for a coffee can Better not Cubicle full of sweat Dread for what come next Sigh some office mate So better not Whereas we cry out They cackle Bang the door shut! Better not If everything went too much to overcome Better rest, better … Continue reading Better Not