Love Advices

It is not about how we live But it's about how we enjoy it He said Smile is important Cause happiness make us stronger He tells We need to cherish the moment Look for the better Advice each other Be patient, I said Compromise He adds Listen I smile But, you have to believe and … Continue reading Love Advices


Love Can Worry You easily

    When thunders on with heavy rain fall Wind thrust without its breeze An empty side of this sofa Calling for warm and peace   Of heart that is made from scratch mind and ego are not match Undergo yearns throughout compassions love always suffers as much as love sparkles   Weary for love … Continue reading Love Can Worry You easily

Tebar Asa dalam Tepian Hati, Hati Kita

  Tepian hati lasak, bercengkrama dengan mimpi poranda atas angin-angin visi hembusan gigil yang menelungkup tekad akan sebuah eksistensi abadi   Bergumul kita dalam pribadi antara yakin tak yakin dan mungkin tak mungkin Berhenti kita, Atas potret sakitnya kejatuhan dan sukarnya kebangkitan   Dalam sepersekian detik  antara gaduh tepian hati dan keindahan visi ludah tertelan, … Continue reading Tebar Asa dalam Tepian Hati, Hati Kita