Tale been Fixed

    As if a life of any single human being could be so complicated I consider my pain was the worst from any other I was ugly, I was the fatty, I was nobody I found my struggle was the hardest To be pretty, to be healthy To get an A for every single … Continue reading Tale been Fixed


She Runs Beside My Window

    For the wind the sour face that splashed Collide smells the grass roots when window knocked   for the flying seeds after untiringly giving birth hour of raps Whirled In between bricks that break nature for tiringly second A fresh new breath dance in absurdity   For the beauty that struggling to bloom … Continue reading She Runs Beside My Window

Tebar Asa dalam Tepian Hati, Hati Kita

  Tepian hati lasak, bercengkrama dengan mimpi poranda atas angin-angin visi hembusan gigil yang menelungkup tekad akan sebuah eksistensi abadi   Bergumul kita dalam pribadi antara yakin tak yakin dan mungkin tak mungkin Berhenti kita, Atas potret sakitnya kejatuhan dan sukarnya kebangkitan   Dalam sepersekian detik  antara gaduh tepian hati dan keindahan visi ludah tertelan, … Continue reading Tebar Asa dalam Tepian Hati, Hati Kita