Three Countries in One Step

After the thoughtful come-back post yesterday, today i will shower your timeline with many of latest trip. I think i want to begin with my experience going to three countries within 5 hours!

As you can guess, my trip didn’t include going to three different cities in three countries; it’s all in one step! As the westernmost city of Germany, Aachen is located along borders with Belgium and Netherlands. In the deep of Aachen’s forest, you can find the borders of these three countries in one location. The forest is located around 4 km from the city center, it is accessible with bus, car and bicycle -but you should walk few kilometers if you go with bus-. I’ve been there twice, once in a cold spring and the second one is when the sun is above my head!

First Trip

Björn asked me in one weekend to hike, ‘it’s just a small walk’ he said. I didn’t prepare anything and just let him pack some fruits and water, i heard that he was going to make some sandwich! I wasn’t a sporty person then, the idea of hiking scared me (i’m not exaggerating here!) i hated going out without any purpose. Going out for me meant to buy something or eat something or at least watch something. Björn convinced me with the reason of doing an activity – that he likes so much – together. At that time, he just want to go out for a hike, not knowing that there is this touristic place called Dreiländereck (Three Countries Point).

We then took the bus number 2 direction to Preuswald and stop in Waldschenke. I became so enthusiast when i looked at the map, because in fact the forest offer something touristy. I then asked him, if the Dreiländereck is walk able for me (means i will not faint or become cranky before i reach there), and he answered me with certain exclamation. He shouted to me to stop looking at the map and start walking. He said ‘let the force guide us’. (yes, we are a little geeky)


We walked along the leafless tree, my favorite kind of tree that can’t hold any wind; sadly. I saved my hands inside my jacket, finger crossed, wishing for upcoming sunshine. Björn couldn’t stop looking around, he sought wild animal that might appears. People said Aachen Forest hold deer, wild badgers, foxes and martens. Instead of having a quick glance of a deer, he found a well polished walking stick for me.


On one junction, we saw a lot of (old) people with a guide gathered in one spot. We got closer to them, listen the guide a bit and look at the the stone that possibly comes from Middle Ages. Björn later explain to me about The “Aachener Reich” , the territory of the former imperial city of Aachen, the Aix – la – Chapelle, the middle territory that bring peace in the whole Europe. This eagle stones marked the boundary of the Aachener Reich in the old times.


We met with various kind hikers; one whole family, old couples, madly in love teens that can’t stop snogging. I heard French, and keep trying to differ Dutch and Deutsch along the way. After walking for one hour, finally we arrived to the Dreiländereck and suddenly i received various SMS for roaming info. The place was fulled by tourist, a lot of cars parked by the tower, chairs spread out of the cafe. Everybody was taking picture with/of one single stones with Belgium, Netherlands and Germany flags are around. I consider myself wasn’t a tourist, so i don’t really find the needs to take picture there. I prefer  to show you mark of Eurogio, which is the mark of German-Dutch communal association that composed of 130 cities, municipalities and counties from the Münsterland region to the south-western Lower Saxony and the eastern Netherlands. There should be waving flags of three countries as well, but the wind didn’t support me no matter how hard i tried.


Second Trip

After i convinced on how beautiful Aachener Wald is, i agreed to do the second trip to Dreiländereck without bus. I already knew that the forest is quiet far from my home, but then i somehow believed that cycling will make it easier. The weather was great, sunshine with enough wind. I need thirty minutes to cycle 7km until i arrive somewhere in Preuswald. It really didn’t feel that long. We then locked our bikes somewhere around the corner, prayed that no body gonna steal them. The forest looked more forest-y this time, so much green so much heat. I could heard mosquitoes and flies flying around, i could smell horse dung, i saw it everywhere. Bjoern even saw a snake; his first snake in German’s forest. Various birds, eagles are flying over us. We walked in the middle of half harvested rapeseed field, while the air sounds like children cheers.


I thank Björn so much for introducing me to the beauty of nature, while the tree dancing sincerely with the wind. No shame, no interruption. In this mother nature, the best entertainment is when the bush gone wild hiding a squirrel or wild rabbit. The great painting is a pile of white flower in between damp ground and savage grass. And everything is constantly changing.


I was lucky this time, i could witnessed a family of pony having a break under the shade.


Along Way Home

The best thing about mother nature is you wouldn’t know what will you get until you arrive in the present. In our first trip we came back home, walking through a farm that host plenty of cows and horses. And to top it, a railway goes over it. But then a horse waited us in the edge, sadly we finish our carrot for lunch and we only feed him our last apple. I couldn’t stop praising God, when the beauty of everything just lay out in front of me.

I got chance to blow a dandellon, after coming back from Dreiländereck for the second time. I didn’t wish anything, but the beauty of flying floret in the air awe so much. There is this free and relieved feeling when i see the floret being scattered in the air. It shows me so much about chances, hopes that are always presence even though it is scattered.

What is your latest experience with Mother Nature?

Have a great day, don’t forget to take five 🙂


She Runs Beside My Window



For the wind

the sour face that splashed


smells the grass roots when window knocked


for the flying seeds

after untiringly giving birth hour of raps


In between bricks that break nature for tiringly second

A fresh new breath dance in absurdity


For the beauty that struggling to bloom

After hundreds of figure

Phase by second by

Phase by another phased


A mind wander and conquered

Gua Manusia



Bicara pada dinding fana

Antariksa sebelah sana

Pintu langit yang hangat di bentuk sejak lama

Sembilu rasa, perasa pada buku-buku jari kita

Kilau sadar, syukur di sepertiga lidah



lewat ujung kaki

lalui zaman kini

gerai tapak yang dinanti

Adakan rasa

Rekahkan peka

Rasakan syukur di hujung sana

how can someone become an atheist after seeing this?

how can someone become an atheist after seeing this?

Inilah hati,

Yang kembali ingat pada jiwa-jiwa yang mati

Sembilu petik zahir yang tak ingin berhenti memahami

Tika langit sediakan

Tatap siap hati yang tutup hitam sanubari

Tika langit bukakan

Lahan angkasa luas yang siap dijejaki

Sekedar lewat, sembari lupa sedih hati


Adulah nikmat,

pada rahsia lama

hujung semua decak setiap manusia

Adalah sadar

Pada tak ada yang nyata

Dan nyata yang tak ada

Syukur kita

Lepasnya jiwajiwa kita

Gema pada senila rongga

Gua-gua manusia


PS: Ditulis di tengah Ha Long Bay setelah terinspirasi oleh Hang Sung Sot

Di Hadapan Langit Menara

Jika cerita adalah sajak

Maka rimanya membuncah semerbak

Jika tawa adalah udara

Maka simpulnya menebar kekal


Jika warna bercerita

Gradasinya adalah alunan nada

Tersirat, terteriakkan, terbantahkan


Jika, jika taman ini berusia

Maka dia fana

Lebur antara kerjapan mata

Antara gumam, marah dan lelah



Di hadapan langit menara

Sang taman hanya umpama

Lebur, saat yang berjalan, mendongak