Kitchen Romance


“Can you bring me ketchup?” he shouts at her.

“What?” she shouts back from the kitchen counter.


This time she hears what he’s saying, she then stop stirring her Bechamel sauce rouge, tiptoed her way to surprise him in their living room.

“You can’t shout at me like that.” She gives him a slight glare, her hands fold at her waist.

With his head still clings on the laptop screen, he says his apology.

“And you forget to say please.”

This time he turns his head toward her, he takes her glare and gives away his beautiful smile that he knows she cant resist.

“Please bring me the very delicious Heinz ketchup, my Queen.” He kisses her hand right after he finishes his sentence. She steps back to the kitchen, mumbling that a Queen shouldn’t bring him a ketchup, he follows her.

“What for do you need the ketchup anyway, i make white sauce for the fish?”

“Maybe i would like some extra taste in our food, just to see if it’s fit you know,” he caresses her hair. “Do you think it will fit to the fish?”

“Nope, that’s why i make Bechamel sauce,” she smiles and raise one of her eyebrow at him, “nutmeg, please”

He hands her the nutmeg, “are you sure? i somehow think it would be fit, ” he replied.

The oven clinks. He take out the fish, without her asking.

“Thank you,” she utters, “but I still think the fish with this sauce will not fit with that Heinz ketchup.”

“Can i just try a little?” His hand holds a spoon, ready to take a big chunk on the fish.

She take his spoon away, “Not at all,” she smirks. “You know that we have to respect each other cooking, right?”

“Yes, but…”

“You also will not like if I just put some sambal on your food” she turns off the stove and whisking the sauce at the same time.

“If it fits, why not?”

“Exactly! And this time, Heinz ketchup will not fit with Bechamel sauce.” She gives him a taste of her sauce. “If you want a tomato sauce with your fish, you should tell me earlier so I can make tomato sauce instead a white one. Can you understand that?”

“Is the flavor okay already?” she asks again.

“A little bit more salt and I still think the Heinz ketchup will bring a good balance for your food, so can we just agree to disagree?”

She spoon the sauce to him again, “like always?”

He kisses her forehead and then mess her hair before going to living room with the fish and ketchup on his hand.

I write this for going on with Writing101 theme.

Do i show you enough contrast in this dialogue?

“Can we just agree to disagree?”


About a Boy

Who’s the most interesting person (or people) you’ve met this year?

I stumbled upon inspiring people (for me) quiet a lot, I met some of them shortly in plane, train, mosque and social media. I used to be a warm person who smile first and always curious about one person story, but growing old (I am twenty and I feel old!) make me lose the ability to encounter stranger. Maybe, it’s also because I am in Europe now, I become super careful to just mind my own business and not being snoopy to others, I am afraid I will offense or scare someone if I ask too many question at the first encounter. I even can’t dig my brother and sister’s in law stories yet! Now I feel like, building a connection between each individual must be done smoothly to avoid breaking privacy. As warm as I can be is greeting everyone that I see with my full teeth smile.

There were various stories that I have ever heard from people that I met, a street child who suffer for food, a teacher in the isolated area, world travelers. They are all have great stories, that I would like to hear more from them but never had a chance to keep the relationship, since I am bad in keeping things. This year, before I fly to Germany and before I met a crazy old man in the train, I met some travelers in hostel in Jakarta. And Ben is the one that I can’t forget, even though Jerome pack body also hard to forget.

This is the story about Ben, about my longest encounter to an Englishman. A night before my flight to Germany, I searched for a dvd to play in the hostel lounge when he tells me that his friend and him were already watching something else. I replied him with a short okay and going back to the sofa and decided to watch with them. It turned out that they are watching The Interview, an awkward movie to watch together with strangers in same sofa. Other than occupying the Sofa, they also made the table full with their stuffs and their big bottles of Bintang. I never drink for twenty years of my life, so the smell of those two bottles already make me dizzy, but being in the lounge was so much better than trapped in my capsule again after hours. I knew Jerome first before I know Ben, our capsules are in the same room, we met before. When Jerome was going down for another beer, that’s the time when Ben and I know each other’s name. Directly after I know that he is from Manchester, I showed my admiration to his accent. That night was a very short introduction, they got tipsy and sleepy and I went upstairs to write in the kitchen since I didn’t like the film that Jerome chose (it was Bridesmaid!).

I wake up late because I was too nervous to have my long flight in the same night. After cleaned my capsule and took out my stuffs from the room, I stay in the kitchen because I am in the mood to write, till Ben came looking for Jerome. Being polite Englishman, Ben doesn’t want to wake Jerome up to go out with him, so we chatted a little. He again asked about the book that I read, after last night I showed him german version of Donald Duck. I asked about his book too, he said it was a very sad book about Marijuana and India, I can’t remember much about the detail since he continue to explain that he study literature, English literature. At that time, I can feel my heart exploded, it felt like I won a jackpot, to meet an Englishman that study English literature is something for me. I was so excited for his dream to be literary agent (or editor or someone in publisher company), I told him about what I write and somehow we end up reading each other’s poetry. It was kinda embarrassing tho, I feel like my poetry was so bad, I wrote them without thinking, without styling, without finding out the right diction what so ever. But his is so beautiful, I guess it’s just him being an honest Englishman in his poetry. I ask him to read his poetry aloud, because spoken poetry often better than the silent one. And when else I could find an Englishman reading poetry for me? Even in Bali, when I did my slam, there were not British people! The great thing is with his firm Manchaster accent he read my poetry! I stuck in awe at that moment, a voice really can make my poetry better.

Okay, i am still in awe remembering that moment, i feel like i have to make pause so i can give justice to describe Ben and his celadonic eyes, his free old soul that trapped in twentysomething body, his bookish brain that read ten books a week. I need to write 150 pages for him i guess. Meeting Ben gives me energy to read more, write better and travel more in my young life. There is little part of me that is not just admire him but also envy him and those are what i need to be my booster to achieve my dream as a published writer.

his lovely hand writing

He gave me list of recommended books that i should read and i already crossed two of the list. I haven’t contact him since our meeting, he is now still travelling in Thailand according his facebook account. Should i contact him? I feel like i want to be his friend, you know. But how to start it? Is trying to be friend even exist?

Do you have someone like Ben in your life, guys?

No Needle for No one

Arya let her rage out
     Smashed the stones in front of her with her bare hand
She finds out Needle isn’t there

Pretty sure about the location
     Can’t be wrong about
Two stacks of stones around the House of Black and White

One North, one South
She choosed one nearby the river
     The one with a hole in the front

“It shouldn’t be found!”
She screams hopelessly
     To the Faceless God whom she serves

She checks again the hole on the back
     Then run to the stacks in the south
Back and forth, seven times north to south

Dig the hole deeper and deeper
Till she finds out a letter
     Opens it, only to find Valar Morghulis

Written on the death scented black paper.
     “Valar Dohaeris”
She murmurs back to the letter.

“Are you looking for me?”
A man behind her whispers
     She knew it’s Jaqen H’ghar.

“I am looking for the sender of this letter!”
Arya replies without looking back.
      “Valar Morghulis”

“Valar Dohaeris”
      She turns to face the Faceless Man.
No one should not looking for Arya Stark’s sword”

Jaqen H’ghar look deep to Arya’s eyes
      Tries to find the truth.
No one miss Arya Stark”

      She can’t look back to him.
No one must not miss anyone”
His eyes as sharp as her sword

No one understand, no one must go back to scrub the floor then.”
She gives him her cold eyes
      “Sorry, Jon” her heart whines.

After binge-ing on four episodes of Game of Thrones I can’t help myself to not write about them. I feel like super cheating in this post, because I mix Napowrimo twelfth prompt with Writing 101 fifth prompt. What I do is getting the idea of “Brief” to write it in form of flash fan fiction,  before I turn it into a poetry by cutting the paragraph into lines and swipe down useless words.


Before I turn it into poetry

Took me one hour (plus brainstorming and procrastinating) writing this. Quite fast tho (for me). This poetry is totally fanfiction, no spoiler at all unless you don’t know anything at all about Game of Thrones.

Thanks for reading.

Losing Loss

Fourth prompt of Writing101 is about loss but I am resistance for loss! I lost a lot of things in my life, until at one point when I lose something I will just forget it.

Let me put you through list of things that I often lose.

  1. Key

People do that right? People lost key! Forget where they put it, leave it in somewhat counters, put it in the pocket and the key falls. That easy.

  1. Glasses

What is another reason to buy new glasses other than you lose it? Nothing! I just change the glasses if I lose it, I even never recognize that my sight getting worse till I got new glasses and everything looks so HD. Breaking glasses is so normal. You need to lose your glasses.

  1. Phone

Lost it since junior high school either by forget where to put it or by break it. Let me have a moment of silence to remember all the phone that I have lost. Sorry for lose you out of my sight dear Samsung and Nokia, sorry for break you dear Motorola, Siemens, Sony and iPhone.  My lives are so devastated without you all. #sorrynotsorry

  1. Money

You lost them too, I guess. But that’s what money are for.

  1. Time

Let us all blame internet for this, shall we?

  1. Opportunity

I really hate myself for this. I think the worse of losing things is when you lose an opportunity and I lose a lot of it. Seriously, I mean it.

  1. Ideas

I used to piss at myself, because I got so many brilliant idea that I never made it true. But now, I am still piss off.

  1. Faith

Men lose faith – men gain hope, men lose faith again-miracle happen – men believe again. That’s circle of life.

Allright, enough for the sarcasm. When I say I become resistance for loss, I mean it and those list are true, but the thing is I learn from my loss. I began to value and un-value things in the same time. I appreciate what I have more than before but when I lose it, I don’t get crazy about it. My wake up call was recent, it was last year when I put my iPhone on the oven, then I lose it after the battery was totally broken.  From that experience I know I will never ever lose things again. Even though, months later I let a baby break my laptop but it is not counted somehow.

But I still can’t change my negligence on number 5-8. Time, Opportunity, Idea and Money are really hard to keep. I think like It has something to do on myself being forgetful and un-focus. So, I will challenge myself to be discipline and focus for next week! I am really tired of losing things, so I make this plan for myself to accomplish. Let’s see how things gonna turn out this week. Can i balance my study life while being a good wife and keep on blogging and making poetry?

bibi 670

Musical Journey

I love songs, i have too many favorites till i cant remember any of it unless i heard someone sing about it and my mind goes, ‘Aha! I love that songs too!’. I love songs because its lyric, music comes later. If the music catch my ear but the lyric don’t, I cross it off my list. That simple. I am not into any particular musician or era. A friend showed me his hipster collection and I search one that provide good lyric to put it in my playlist. Various twitter account that I follow say that 90’s music is the best, so I google best 90’s music to listen. Sometimes I listen to JB, Gaga or Black Eyed peas, in one occasion I really love ‘Work, Bitch’ to listen over when I did my assignment.

Glee introduces me to musical, thank God for that, I now have a chance to listen beautiful number from Wicked, West Side Story and Once. Glee basically introduces me to a lot of great song (and now the show is end, I literally don’t know where to ask for my musical reference). From glee, I know the great Stevie Wonder, I learn how to love MJ and understand what Rocky Horror is (so I am not confused when I read The Perks of being Wallflower). Again, thanks to glee for making a lot of great cover (if you don’t know please google Teenage Dream Darren Criss). I can’t stop writing about glee, before I told you my favorite numbers that this series have introduce me. I will just write it fast, okay. Landslide-Root Before Branches-Don’t Stop Believing (da!)-Don’t Dream It’s Over-Defying Gravity-Shake It Out.

B hates me watching Glee and I dislike him for that. I keep convince him that most of the songs that I know (and he likes some of it), I knew it from Glee. For him, the show is exaggerating, it doesn’t make sense for him. He said ‘how can you just sing in the middle of conversation?’ and I replied him’ the show meant to be hyperbolic, dude!’ Oh well, the thing is B just doesn’t like any song that is exaggerating in the tone, for him singing has the same value with storytelling, so one need to sing with all his heart rather than showing off how exact one person should hit the note. So can you guess, what are the songs that appear in his playlist? Its Tupac, MJ, John Legend, Mary J Blige, Journey and Wind, Fire Earth. That is all, Oh wait, he also like various rap songs that I can’t remember the name. B is into rap so much! (And he can rap well!) Without B, I am pretty sure I will not know Tupac and his great lyric. Once I listen to Tupac and I can’t close my mouth for 4 minutes because I am in awe reading his lyric. It’s still hard for me to listen to rap songs, but I guess rapping has the same idea with spoken poetry, so I began to listen to it as well. I wish one day I could write him a song that he can rap it out (is it rap it out?).

It was really hard for us to settle down and listen to a music together, but now finally we have settlement. I like his Tupac and John Legend, so guess what he likes from my music taste? ED SHEERAN, YO! He listens to Ed Sheeran and remember the lyrics more than I do. When I first found out that he likes it I just burst out laughing for not believing it!

Well, if I really really have to list down three of my most important songs, I think I will go with those who has historical related to me. Not historical related with the artists of course, but I will choose songs who is with me throughout my (love) life.

  1. Fix You – Coldplay

No need for explanation rite? Poetic lyric, romantic music. The lyric is so powerful, till it becomes one of my must heard song when I feel low. This song also convince me, teach me on trusting somebody. As broken soul, it was really hard for me to figure out my vulnerability and find out that I need help, it was so hard for me to break my wall that I had been built the entire time until B came. B doesn’t know Coldplay and never really listen to this song, but I know if he is desperately romantic person, he would give me this song to show what he was intending to do. What B has done to me is exactly the reality of this song, he comforts me, he guides me, he fixes me, he loves me.

  1. Someday-John Legend

I heard the song by watching Jonathan Ryes Myers Augustus Rush, but I like the song because B put it in his iPod. For me this is an ultimate song for long distance relationship people. B and I always sang this song when we were going to separate or thinking about we leave each other to go back to our country. We sang this song for almost three long years, while telling each other that the ‘someday’ is soon enough, we just have to be sabr (patient) and trust in God’s plan.  This was our anthem. Now, when we listen to the song, we laugh and look at each other eyes, find out that our someday is presence every day.

  1. Thinking Out Loud

I love this song, I love Ed Sheeran so much. After being a fan since 2012, it’s a long journey to have his super brand new song to replace Lego House in my heart. So when Thinking Out Loud came, I just become so freak about it till I just have one song in my recent playlist. I am so freak till I sang it every day include sing it to B via WhatsApp. Not until, I arrive in Germany I found out that B likes this song too. It’s great for me to have another anthem to replace Someday. I feel like this song is an everlasting love song, just like our love insha Allah.


Oh, it’s a thousand words post. (I write this for Writing 101 day 3! Oh my, I am sooooo late! I still have two more post to catch up before going steady in next week!)

Thanks for reading my mumbling, now tell me how is your musical journey?

Mecca, The Magical City

If you could zoom through space in the speed of light, what place would you go to right now?

A city that literally never stop praying. Source

When I read the prompt for Writing 101 day 2, I can’t think about one particular place to go. As twentysomething, I want to go everywhere around the world. Getting to know various cultures, step on many kind of grounds, have relationships with people. That’s my ultimate dream. I want to zoom the earth just like when I play with a globe, I touch a city and feel the vibe of getting there.

I keep asking myself. Is it London? But I never be there, and why would I undergo London, to see how beautiful people commute? NAH. Is it Broadway? So I can get to watch free musical over and over. Nope, those reasons are not strong enough to explain what place is that I’m longing for. And it is definitely not my current bedroom, eventhough it has beautiful series of pines as the scenery, I am not loving it yet.

Then I asked my husband, explained him what the prompt is, because most of the time, he knows me better than I do. And this time, he reminded me for something important (like always). He said “Of course, it’s Mecca hun”. That’s all, that’s it, that’s the answer. I am a little ashamed of myself, because my longing of worldly places make me forget the righteous one.

I never been there, but next year inshaallah If God’s will, my husband and I will go there to perform pilgrimage or Hajj. We are there to fulfill our duty to complete the fifth pillar of Islam, along with hope that we can be a better person after perform it.

Mecca is magical, at least for me and billions other people who had been there and longing to be there. As Indonesian Muslim who get enough Islamic education, I heard story about Mecca a lot. Before I knew that Cinderella exist, I know Khadijah (the love of Prophet Muhammad) is the true queen and she is from Mecca. I know the direction to Mecca from my very own room since I have to face it five times a day, every day. I learned about the city’s history more than I learn about my country’s. That’s how I attached to Mecca.

I can imagine myself strolling over Masjid al-Haram and see the army of Abrahah with their elephants destroy all the idols around Kaaba in 6th century. Zamzam Well gonna bedazzles me so much, since it is the well from thousands of BC. Wherever I walk around, I feel like living the life of Prophet Muhammad, knowing that He was born and raised in this very city walking, eating, chatting and got revelation. It empowers me so much, because I know whatever he did as great human being was mostly happen in this very city. And when I get a chance to make tawaf (the circumambulation seven times around the Kaaba in a counterclockwise direction), I can see myself crying happily, feeling safe that I am one step closer to be in heaven. I feel relieved, because I see my gate to heaven, I feel loved because I know my God is there to welcome me, guide me, teach me, remind me to be a better person in this world and in the hereafter.

B puts the closure about this feeling by saying “It’s like when you miss someone so much, you pray for Him five times a day for years and then you get chance to met him.”

Just by remember and writing about the city already give me the positive spiritual energy to live my life better. Thank you The Daily Post for this prompt that make me thinking clearly and have a piece zone within myself.

Lost in Translation

This is my take on writing 101 day 1. Unlocking mind in 20 mins.


Unlocking my mind is exactly what I need to start doing. Actually I don’t really know what to do with my life right now. I have a cool apartment in a very great country, a beautiful warm husband to cuddle and good WiFi connection, but still I feel lost. Maybe I am not grateful enough. Maybe. But maybe I just need to fulfill my needs on being greater than I am. But maybe Its just because I am really really lost. Lost in translation.

Easter lunch yesterday in my mum in law house was sort of devastating. Everyone was nice, they tried to talk to me once in a while. But still there were more than 2 hours gap, where I just able to listen some words in their full German convo, I just sat there in the middle of the room, sticked my nose to my phone. My husband was not helping either, and I don’t blame him since he also needs his time with his family. But I felt so resented, I am a person who always wanna talk and I am always in conversation and make conversation sounds better and there I was listening and holding back to talk because I am afraid to be in the wrong context with my english words. I am glad that I have super nice sister and mum in law who comforts me in the end of the day when everybody is already go home. I even get leftover!!!

Yesterday event was really point out that I feel lost because I lost in translation. And I am still working on the the super complicated German paperwork so I got admission in the language course. It’s a long way (two months) to go.

To start over, I have this one month writing challange for myself, to discipline my self, to convince myself to not let go my writing dream.

This month, I will finish Writing 101 course, complete Napowrimo, send my polished script in the end of the month and register for anything writing cool related event on May. And also strengthened my German grammar .

I believe writing heals. Writing gives me comfort not to forgot that I am lost, but to walk me through to find the answer.

Thanks to all my new folks that I meet here in wordpress, thanks to accompany me in my lost in translation era.